10 Gifts for Campers That'll Enhance Their Adventure

Great Gifts for Fans of the Great Outdoors


Is there a camping enthusiast on your shopping list? He or she is sure to be thrilled to receive a gift that will come in handy on an upcoming outdoor adventure. People who love camping may already have the basic gear they need, but there are tons of "nice to have" options that they'd probably just love to receive as a gift from you!

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1. PRO TREK PRG-330-1

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More than just a watch, Casio's PRO TREK PRG-330-1 is a powerful tool for backcountry camping enthusiasts as well as those who enjoy climbing, paddling, and hiking. It is solar powered and water resistant up to 100 meters, plus it benefit from improved technology that allows for a smaller direction sensor with less battery consumption. In addition to telling time, this accessory functions as a digital compass, measures altitude, has a barometer and even sounds an alert to tell the wearer about sudden changes in barometric pressure. It can be used in temperatures as low as -10 Celsius/14 Fahrenheit.

Price: $200

2. Vivitar Full HD Action Camera

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Campers who love to be active during their outdoor adventures will surely be delighted with Vivitar's Full HD Action Camera. This small, lightweight camera is both versatile and affordable, making it a terrific gift for any active camping enthusiast. Designed to record what's going on from the participant's point of view without limiting movement or participation, this camper-friendly camera comes with a mount designed to be fitted on a bike or ATV, though you can also use it when hiking, paddling, snowboarding and more. It's waterproof, comes with a remote control and takes high quality pictures (12.1 mega-pixels with 4X zoom) and 1080p HD video.

Price: Around $55

3. Ventev Powercell

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Just because a person enjoys camping doesn't mean she doesn't want to stay connected. At the very least, it's a good idea to have a functioning smartphone nearby for photos, access to helpful apps or peace of mind in case of an emergency. However, the phone won't do you any good during adventure outings if the battery is dead. That's why this compact 6000mAh battery is such a great camping gift. It's small enough to toss in your backpack or jacket pocket and strong enough to fuel your phone for to 25 hours of talk time. The 3015c model (pictured) is available in both Lightning (iPhone) and USB-C connections. A similar model (6000c) is available for Micro-USB.

Price: Around $45 (be sure to order the correct connector for the recipient's phone model)

4. ENO SingleNest Hammock

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Help the campers on your shopping list truly relax during their upcoming outdoor adventures with a SingleNest Hammock from ENO. This heavy-duty, yet lightweight (just 17 ounces) hammock is ideal for all kinds of camping - even backpacking. It comes with a compression stuff sack so it doesn't take up much space. The hammock's nylon fabric is breathable for maximum comfort and dries quickly. You can hang it quickly and easily via included aluminum carabiner clips. This super strong hammock can support up to 400 pounds.

Price: Around $50

5. Surviv-All Survival Knife

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A good knife is a necessity for camping adventures, and it's hard to beat the high-quality, versatile Surviv-All Survival Knife from StatGear. With a surprisingly affordable price, this knife is made from high carbon 440 stainless with a drop point blade and has a textured rubber handle for a firm grip. What makes it such an excellent choice for campers is the multi-functional belt sheath, complete with a cord cutter, fire starter rod and knife sharpener stone. The knife is 9.5 inches long, with a 4.25-inch blade. The knife and sheath together weigh only 13 ounces.

Price: Around $30

6. RunLites Gloves

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Light is a must-have when moving around a campsite at night, but carrying a flashlight or lantern can be cumbersome. These patented RunLites gloves provide a unique and convenient alternative. They serve the dual purpose of warming your hands and providing hands-free illumination. Just slip the rechargeable (USB) light unit in the gloves and you'll be able to light up an area of up to 15 feet in front of you. From setting up your tent following a late arrival to walking the dog or visiting the bathhouse at night, after-dark campground activities will be so much easier with these innovative gloves.

Price: Around $50 for fingerless and $60 for PolarLites fleece (includes gloves and lights)

7. YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry Bag

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Finding a way to keep belongings dry can be a challenge while camping. Rain is always a possibility and activities are often enjoyed near or on the water. The compact and water-resistant YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry Bag is the perfect solution for keeping things like your keys, wallet, medicine and phone organized and dry. It's an affordable option for giving a gift with the popular, high-end YETI brand. It can be paired with a YETI Hopper soft-sided cooler or tossed in a backpack for maximum convenience.

Price: Around $50

8. Cycle Dog Trail Buddy Bowl

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If the person you're shopping for enjoys canine companionship, consider giving him or her a dog camping accessory like the Trail Buddy Bowl from Cycle Dog. It's easier to use during camping outings than traditional dog bowls because it folds flat for convenient packing and carrying. It is big enough to hold 20 ounces of water, so you can use it at your campsite or on the trails. Plus, it's an environmentally friendly gift, as Cycle Dog uses reclaimed inner tubes from bicycle tires to manufacture its products, which are made in the United States.

Price: Around $16

9. Light n' Go Bonfire Log

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While your friends who enjoy survival-style camping aren't likely to appreciate a Light n' Go Bonfire log, those who enjoy improved camping are sure to have a great time using it! This fun item is both a conversation starter (how does it work?) and a fire starter. Instead of struggling to light a campfire the traditional way, this unique (and patented!) product is easy to light via an embedded wick. One match is all you need - no kindling required. There are no chemicals, so it's safe for cooking too. Roasted marshmallows, anyone? There's also a handle for easy carrying and you can burn it in any fire pit or fireplace.

Price: $10 from Menards

10. Tenacious Tape Gear Patches

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If you're looking for a stocking stuffer or are limited to a $10 price limit for a gift exchange, these whimsical yet practical Gear Patches from Tenacious Tape are sure to be a hit with campers. Rips and tears go hand-in-hand with outdoor activities, so anyone who camps frequently will sometimes need to patch gear. These easy-to-use peel-and-stick patches are made from Tenacious Tape, which is super tough and will stay put even in extreme temperatures or wet conditions. They are reflective for added safety and, thanks to their fun camping-themed shapes, they actually dress up your gear.

Price: Just under $10

Many Options for Camping Enthusiasts


Shopping for someone who loves camping isn't difficult because there are so many options for awesome gear. You do, however, need to know what kind of camping activities the person you are shopping for enjoys. While some frequent campers prefer to head to the backcountry and go off the grid, others prefer improved camping. Select an item appropriate for the recipient's preferences and you're sure to bring a smile to his or her face!

Note: The author received review items for some of the products discussed in this article. The decision regarding what items to include was made solely at the writers discretion.

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10 Gifts for Campers That'll Enhance Their Adventure