Types of Luxury Tents That'll Make Your Camping Classy

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The idea of camping in the wilderness is nothing new, but not everyone is cut out for roughing it. The idea of "glamping" goes hand in hand with setting up a luxurious tent replete with modern creature comforts. Luxury tents are one of the hottest trends for 2018.

Luxury Tents and Glamping

Glamping is a combination of the two words "glamorous" and "camping." Campers can experience the beauty of nature without sacrificing the modern luxury normally associated with other types of vacations. The most important thing about glamping is that it entails setting up a comfortable, luxurious tent made from durable waterproof canvas that is built to withstand serious weather.

Yurts, domes, tipis, and bell tents are luxury tents associated with glamping. Unlike mass produced standard tents, some of these tents are made to order. Luxury tents are relatively easy to install and dismantle, have great ventilation, are durable, and come with a series of options that allow campers to customize the type of door, windows, walls and, even the color of the outside of their tent.

Types of Luxury Tents

High-end style and spaciousness define luxury tents; many have options that make customization easy. There are a number of whimsical designs available on the market for high rollers who want to camp in style.

Lotus Belle Tents

Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe

The Lotus Belle tent looks like it is part of a fairytale because of its unique shape reminiscent of a puff of whipped meringue. This tent is spacious enough to allow campers to stand upright in it. Lotus Belle tents are durable and light to carry, and can be set up by one person within an hour.

Available in 13-foot (with 20 feet of ground space) and 16-foot diameters, these tents have one or two canvas doors with zip-up mesh to keep the bugs out, a velcro or zip PVC groundsheet, and big roof vents for good air circulation and ventilation. It has 10 supporting poles and multiple guy ropes to keep it anchored in the wind. The tent is extremely well made of heavy waterproof canvas and the stakes are made of solid steel, not aluminum. The outer stakes are hooked steel rebar with sharpened points. Amazingly, this tent folds up and fits in a duffle bag and can travel in the trunk of a car.

Lotus Belle tents range in price from $1,950 to $2,300.

Dome Tents

The shape of a dome tent helps to minimize the effect of wind on the structure of the tent. These tents come in all sizes and can accommodate anywhere from three to 20 people.

One of the largest and sturdiest of the dome tents is the Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent. This tent can accommodate up to 20 people and is perfect for high altitude and alpine expeditions. It is constructed out of a burly nylon taffeta and has multiple polyurethane and silicone coatings for waterproof protection.

For extra durability in harsh climates, this tent has 15 Paleria DAC Pressfit poles and an adjustable partial coverage rain fly that works with perimeter snow flaps to keep the inside dry and comfortable. Windows allow campers to check outside conditions without opening one of the three doors. The Mountain Hardware Space Station also has 10 adjustable air vents; they let out steam through zippered roof vents.

The Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent sells for $5,500.


Rainier yurt on stilts

The first Yurts can be traced back to the nomadic people of Mongolia and dashing historical figures like Genghis Khan. Yurts are still used today in parts of Siberia and Mongolia. Rainier Industries has been making yurts since 2004 based on the Mongolian Ger and the Turkic Üy designs because they were light and easily transportable, and could be set up and taken down quickly. Architecturally, it is interesting to note that yurts rely on tension and compression to create a strong and efficient structure.

There are three sizes of yurts created by Rainier, a company that has been around since 1896. The largest, top of the line yurt is called the Eagle. Featuring one of the tallest walls in the industry at 7'4", the Eagle comes with a life-sized door and an 84" picture window. The Raven is a more economical version of the Eagle with a full-size fiberglass door, walls that are 7'4" and windows that are 48". The Sparrow is available in 12-foot and 14-foot versions. It has a full-light window, wall insulation with a liner, a durable acrylic roof, weather flaps and a door. The Sparrow is designed for temporary locations like campsites; it's perfect for an interesting addition to your backyard.

The cost of yurts range from $6,535 to $11,755, depending on the size of the yurt, the walls, doors, windows and a series of miscellaneous options chosen such as a rain diverter above the door, flashing for a wood stove and site-specified engineering drawings.

Cocoon Tree

Cocoon Tree tent hanging in tree

For a truly unusual "tent," check out the Cocoon Tree. It's a 10-foot wide, 130-pound spherical structure made of aluminum and covered with a resistant waterproof membrane. When set up, it looks like a ball suspended in the air. Inside, it has enough room for a circular bed in the center and any additional accessories or gear you might want to add. Most people can stand upright inside of it. The "cocoon" should be installed between two or three trees; it is rigged up with ropes and secured by nets. If hanging isn't an option, it can be set on the ground using its two adaptable feet.

The Cocoon Tree sells for approximately $8,000 on their website. Be forewarned that reviewers found the Cocoon Tree a bit difficult to set up.


Two tipis in field under trees

The buffalo hunters of the Great Plains inspired the design of the modern day tipis manufactured by Earthworks Tipis and sold through the Colorado Yurt Company. The cone shape of the Sioux style tipi is tilted and slightly asymmetrical with a vertical back and gently sloping front. They have smoke and ventilation flaps, an ozan or interior drop ceiling, inside rain cover, and an interior liner that insulates and controls airflow, making this design durable as well as functional.

Earthworks offers nine different tipi sizes that range from 12 feet to 28 feet. Features of these authentically styled tipis include heavier weight canvas, buffalo hide reinforced stress points, loops every 30 inches around the base to stake the tipi correctly and a special flame-resistant fabric, an exclusive design of Earthworks. If you are placing a fire pit inside the tent, make sure it is under the smoke opening and be sure to use it with a liner which will create a chimney effect to draw the smoke up and out.

Prices depend on the size of the tipi chosen, as well as the type of fabric, poles, liner, floor cover, accessories and paint job ordered. Prices range from $1,400 to $7,000.

Camping in Cool Tents

If you want to go camping like "royalty," some of these tent styles could be your ticket to experiencing the great outdoors without roughing it. The common threads of luxury tents include their unusual appearance, spaciousness, durability and customization options. From camping in a hanging futuristic sphere to a structure that looks like a puff of whipped meringue, these tents may have you looking at camping in a whole new way.

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Types of Luxury Tents That'll Make Your Camping Classy