An Essential Guide to Nude Hiking: A Freeing Adventure

Nude woman hiking

Believe it or not, naked hiking is a favorite past time for many people all over the world. There are several groups and organizations to join which will help you get the most out of an 'au natural' hike in the woods.

Why Is Naked Hiking Popular?

People that enjoy naked hiking say they experience a physical and psychological satisfaction they can't get any other way. There is a sense of freedom and getting back to what nature intended while you are naked hiking. When you hike nude you feel one with nature, open and free. Some people feel vulnerable, which may be a thrill for them. Other naked hikers may feel a sense of the forbidden and doing something on the fringe of what is acceptable in society and this is exciting to them. Most nude hiking enthusiasts prefer to hike in a secluded area where they are less likely to be seen by clothed hikers. As one naked hiker said, "It's not that I am bothered by being seen, it's just that I think others have a right to NOT have to see me."

Organizations That Promote Nude Hiking

Finding groups who enjoy naked hiking can be a challenge unless you have a way of networking. Finding naked hiking groups and the trails they hike is a lot easier when using the Internet to locate forums of other naturists with the same goal. Following are several Internet sites that will help you become connected with others who love to hike naked.

Essentials of Nude Hiking

In addition to following the normal safety precautions when going on a hiking trip, there are a few additional tips to make a nude hiking adventure successful:

  • Hike on a weekday if possible, you will have less chance of being seen.
  • Find the trails that are seldom used so you will have privacy.
  • Avoid trails with children.
  • Hike on trails that have only one trailhead. You can check for vehicles at the trailhead to determine if you are hiking alone.
  • Hike early in the morning.
  • Know the area and the laws pertaining to nudity where you are hiking.
  • Bring a backpack with clothing and all the supplies you need for any normal hike.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on your inner thighs to prevent rubbing and chafing.
  • Wear sunscreen, boots, socks, hat, gloves, and sunglasses.
  • Consider holding a pair of shorts or a sundress in your hand in case you hear people so you can quickly slip them on.
  • Look for trails that do not involve a lot of climbing over rocks, boulders, or slippery gravel.
  • Ask this question when choosing a trail, "can my nude body withstand a fall here?"
  • Hike with a group of mixed sexes. People treat males and females who are hiking nude together differently than males alone or females alone.
  • Appear cheerful and friendly if you do meet up with a clothed hiker while you are naked.

Nudist Etiquette

There is definitely a code of conduct to follow when you are in the great outdoors naked. When you are hiking, sunbathing, or camping nude you should always follow this code of conduct:

  • Obey the public nudity laws of the area where you are hiking.
  • Respect other nudist's privacy.
  • Do not gawk or stare.
  • Do not take any photographs without permission.
  • Never photograph children.
  • No overt sex.
  • Bring a towel in case you need to cover up or sit down.

Places To Go

There are thousands of trails across the globe that make for perfect naked hiking and nude hiking enthusiasts have their favorites. Some of these favorites include hot springs, creeks, or lakes to take a dip in during the hike. Following is a list of favorite nude hiking spots:

  • Colorado Mountains
  • Black's Beach, San Diego, California
  • Lake Havasu, California side
  • Sycamore Creek, Arizona
  • Blacklock Point, Oregon
  • Mammoth Lakes, California
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An Essential Guide to Nude Hiking: A Freeing Adventure