Camping in La Rochelle: Beautiful Campsites to Uncover

La Rochelle bridge

Visitors to France often come in search of a campsites in or near La Rochelle, so they can enjoy all that the area has to offer while at the same time experience the wonders of nature.

About La Rochelle

La Rochelle, France is full of history and gorgeous scenery. From its famous clock tower to its bustling bars and cafes, La Rochelle has something for everyone to enjoy. Tourists frequently wander its streets, admiring the beautiful, old building, most of which feature a distinctive pale stone. Walking along the quaint streets of this town will typically bring you to the port, a destination you won't want to miss after you visit the famous clock tower. While there are numerous hotels in the area, you can opt for more primitive accommodations if you stay at a La Rochelle campsite.

Finding a La Rochelle Campsite

Camping near La Rochelle provides an opportunity for campers to really experience all that this beautiful town and its nearby vistas have to offer. If camping is what you're looking for, check out the following campsites.

  • Camping Le Soleil - Le Soleil is La Rochelle's municipal campsite, located on Avenue Michel Crepeau on the south side of the harbor. It's easily within walking distance of just about any area in La Rochelle. Be aware, however, that because of its convenient location, the campground fills up quickly in the warmer months.
  • Camping Municipal Bois De Dinot - About 25 minutes north of La Rochelle is Bois De Dinot. This campground is quite large and is located near a public swimming pool and within walking distance to a supermarket. Nearby attractions include boat rentals available for visitors to use when exploring the many canals.
  • Rivedoux Plage - As you drive along the Rivedoux Plage, be on the lookout for first come, first served primitive campsites. Most of these are located on the opposite side of the toll bridge from La Rochelle, so you'll have to pay toll fees to cross over.
  • Camping Municipal du Platin - With 120 wooded sites and 130 open sites, Muncipal du Platin features many amenities, including available Wi-Fi, water, electricity, on-site picnic tables, two recreation rooms, convenience store, laundry facilities, hot showers, ice, local snack bar, and more. The campground is available for family campers, caravanning clubs, business picnics, and others. In addition to the available facilities, activities include a rollerblade path, tractor rides, swimming pool with lifeguard, wading pool, shuffleboard, mini-golf, bike trail, tennis court, playground, and even a water slide. In addition, caravan rentals are available, and rental packages include extras, such as free mini-golf games, free bags of wood, etc. Caravan rentals also include air conditioning, microwave ovens, dishes, utensils, pots, canopy, and picnic tables. Visitors should bring their own linens.

Other Campsites

Because La Rochelle is a bit out of the way, tourists often choose to stay in campgrounds that are a bit more conveniently located. If this describes your camping needs, consider staying in the Royan area or along the beach at St. Palais sur Mer. In addition, one of the most popular campgrounds in the area is Camping Les Coquelicots, which is only a 10 to 15 minute drive to the beaches. Unfortunately, websites for the above campgrounds are difficult to find, which indicates that many of these are first come, first served facilities. If camping near La Rochelle is what you desire, visit the La Rochelle website for more information.

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Camping in La Rochelle: Beautiful Campsites to Uncover