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Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy nature. Whether you're looking for trails to visit during your next camping trip or if you're searching for ideas on where you can hike in your local area, you can find what you're looking for here.

Well-Known Trails

If you're planning to visit major outdoor destinations like national parks or major mountain ranges, you'll have a chance to hike some of the most well-known trails along with those recognized as the longest trails or the most challenging hikes. Find out what options are available and get tips to make the most of your hiking experience.

  • Appalachian Trail: If you're planning to tackle the Appalachian Trail, you can benefit from learning facts about the trail, as well as from studying free trail maps and getting involved with Appalachian Trail hiking groups.
  • Rocky Mountains: The Rocky Mountains are home to plenty of great places to hike in the area. For example, there are a number of popular Aspen hiking trails, with options for experienced hikers looking to climb high elevations as well as moderate-to-easy routes. Whether you want to hike a mountain or walk along the Rio Grande, this is a terrific popular destination for hikers.
  • Zion National Park: Known for majestic views and amazing outdoor recreation opportunities, Zion National Park is a popular destination among casual hikers and hiking enthusiasts. The Zion Canyon trails within the park provides a number of options, from easy nature hikes to a "narrows" trail that will include some wading.

Lesser-Known Gems

Some of the best hiking options are the trails that aren't as widely known. These trails are typically less crowded that the ones on everyone's "must-see" list, yet still provide hikers with an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in a hiking setting.

  • North Georgia: While the Appalachian Trail starts in North Georgia, it's not the only option for visitors to this lovely region of the southeastern U.S. There are hundreds of hiking trails in North Georgia, with selections sure to appeal to hikers of all levels.
  • Great Lakes: While boating may be the first recreational activity that comes to mind when you think about the Great Lakes, there is more to this area than just water sports. For example, you can enjoy a number of wonderful hiking opportunities in and around Lake Superior, including options perfect for day hikes and overnight backpacking adventures.
  • Southern California: Even though Southern California is most widely known for its beaches, theme parks and movie stars, the lovely weather and beautiful scenery also makes the area home to great hiking opportunities as well. The next time your travels take you to the Los Angeles area, check out the more than 50 miles of hiking trails in Griffith Park to get a sense of what it's like to hike in SoCal!

Find New Places to Hike

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Hiking Trails Across the Country