Cub Scout Camping Activities Schedule

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Having a Cub Scout camping activities schedule will help your pack run more efficiently. Learn some great ideas for your Cub Scout activities schedule, as well as the Boy Scouts of America rules and regulations that govern camping activities.

Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts is a program for boys ages seven through ten in the United States and Canada. Cub Scouts learn basic camping skills as well as have fun, learn about safety, learn values, provide service, and learn the skills and attributes necessary to become law abiding, hard working citizens. The Boy Scouts of America, or the BSA in the United States, is the governing agency over Cub Scouts in the states.


Cub Scouts is organized into age groups or dens that are led by the parents of the boys. Following are the ranks and ages of the different Cub Scout groups:

  • Tiger Cubs - First grade boys
  • Wolf Cubs - Second grade boys
  • Bear Cub Scouts - Third grade boys
  • Webelos Scouts - Boys in fourth and fifth grade
  • Boy Scouts - Boys who are 11 years old become a Boy Scout and leave the Cub Scout pack

Cub Scout Camping Guidelines

The Boy Scouts of America has established rules or guidelines for participation in camping activities. It is important to be familiar with these rules while planning your Cub Scout camping activities schedule. If you do not follow the rules and guidelines set out by the BSA, you will not be covered under their liability insurance. Following are the rules for overnight camping as stated on the BSA website:

"Overnight camping by Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scout dens is not approved and certificates of liability insurance will not be provided by the Boy Scouts of America."

The website goes on to say that Tiger Cubs can attend day camps or council organized family camping where their parents will be present. Wolf and Bear cubs may participate in an overnight camping program that is operated by the BSA National Camping School that provides trained leadership and is managed by council. Webelos may participate in a den overnight camping trip when supervised by a parent, guardian, or parent approved adult.

Cub Scout Camping Activities Schedule

With the BSA rules in mind, you can now plan a Cub Scout camping activities schedule. The youngest Cub Scouts will need to learn camping skills so they will be ready to go on overnight campouts when they are older. Take a look through the Wolf, Bear and Webelos hand book and locate the requirements that teach outdoor skills. Following is an example of a Cub Scout activities schedule:

  • Week 1 - Teach the Cub Scout Law and Oath and the buddy system.
  • Week 2 - Play the Going Camping Game. Each boy tells what he will take on a camping trip; the next boy has to say what the previous boy was bringing and then add what he will bring and so on until each boy has had a turn.
  • Week 3 - Teach the outdoor code, "Leave no Trace." Take the boys to a park to pick up trash.
  • Week 4 - Set up a tent in the back yard.
  • Week 5 - Plan and practice a skit for a campfire program.

Tour Permits and Permission Slips

Part of scheduling camping activities is getting the proper tour planning worksheets from the BSA. Check out the BSA website tour permit page to get the proper forms. Have each boy fill out an authorized BSA permission slip before going on any camping trip or day trip away from the leaders home.

Planning An Overnight Campout

Since parents are required to go on every overnight campout, each family can be responsible for all of their own gear. It is always a good idea to plan campouts close to home so each family can get to the camp before it is dark to set up their tents. The first night's activities will involve making a simple campfire dinner and dessert. Afterwards, a fun campfire program could involve the skits the boys planned and practiced. In the morning the boys can make a simple camp breakfast and take down camp and go home. If the boys are too young to spend the night, then just an evening camp dinner and campfire program is a great way to give the boys a taste of camping.

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Cub Scout Camping Activities Schedule