13 Best Places to Go Glamping and Live Your Best Life

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Love to be one with nature, but can't stand the thought of sleeping on the forest floor in a leaky tent? Glamping might be the answer to your dilemma. As the name implies, glamping, or glamorous camping, combines amenities like electricity, beds and furniture - and sometimes even functional kitchens - with a tent, yurt or similar structure so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. There are plenty of great places to go glamping across the United States.

New England

Frost Mountain Yurts, Maine

Frost Mountain Yurts are nestled just south of Fryeburg, Maine and are ideal for those who want a back country adventure. There are a total of four yurts, each in its own private setting - the two closest yurts are still 600 feet apart. Trails connect all the yurts and offer hours of backpacking, hiking and exploring fun.

Normandy Farms, Massachusetts

Glamping meets family-style camping at Normandy Farms in Massachusetts. The resort itself is decked out with an indoor pool, recreation center, fitness center among other amenities. In addition, the resort plans family activities for their guests to enjoy throughout the year. The yurts come equipped with a full-screen television and have air conditioning and heating.

Odetah Camping Resort, Connecticut

Odetah is a hidden gem among camping resorts in New England. Located in the heart of Mystic country in Southeastern Connecticut, this smart campground combines a plethora of amenities on the site with a centralized location. You can rent either a yurt or a cabin, and stay right on the lake which offers most of the resort's activities.


Pollywogg Holler, New York

As unique as its name, Pollywog Holler is an eco-friendly resort that caters to nature enthusiasts. The resort offers several different styles of cabins, as well as two furnished lean-tos. Another option is the Phantasy Dome, which features a retractable floating bed, allowing the dome to accommodate a gathering for up to 50 people.

Kate's Lazy Meadow, New York

Glamping meets the 70s at Kate's Lazy Meadow near Woodstock in New York. The suites and cabins are situated around the Woodstock area, with one main cabin area at Kate's Lazy Meadow and the others are situated in the woods close to the main properties. Each cabin has a theme and is decorated in lively, bright colors circa the 1970s. The area is especially known for trout fishing.

Kozy Rest Kampground, Pennsylvania

Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest

Kozy Rest Kampground is part of the Yogi Bear family of campgrounds scattered across the United States. Known for catering to families, the resort itself offers several amenities include a pool, mini-golf, four-wheel bike rentals, gem mining and a host of other activities. You can rent an insulated yurt or a log cabin.


Getaway Cabins, Minnesota

Getaway Cabins in Minnesota takes the call to 'get away,' quite literally. These remote cabin rentals are located near Ely, Minnesota. While the cabins are furnished simply and offer a cozy getaway, they are completely private and do not have electricity. When you come here, you can literally get away from it all.

Wildman Adventure Resort, Wisconsin

Wildman Adventure Resort

At Wildman Adventure Resort, emphasis is placed on the 'adventure.' The resort offers cabins with full hotel-like amenities, as well as yurts and rustic cabins. Cabins and yurts do have electricity. If you've ever wanted to whitewater raft, do high ropes courses, snowmobile, kayak or UTV - this is the place for you.


Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Sinya on Lone Man Creek, Texas

Sinya on Lone Man Creek is a luxury getaway with safari-style accommodations. The tent sits atop a ridge with a scenic overlook, and the safari tent is packed to the hilt with amenities, including a kitchenette, full bath, and heating and AC. This is the perfect couple's retreat.

The Martyn House, Georgia

If glamping conjures of up images of fancy tents with chandeliers, electricity and luxurious linens, then you are imagining The Martyn House perfectly. The only glamping retreat center in Georgia, the Martyn House boasts gypsy-style tents that feature plush decorating, private baths and secluded verandas.


Resorts at Paws Up, Montana

Touted as the original glamping safari in America, the Resort at Paws Up has found a winning combination by offering frontier adventures like horseback riding and cattle driving, with first-rate luxury tents that include electricity. Tent sites are grouped into camps, and each camp has a camp butler and camp chef who features nightly gourmet meals.

River Dance Lodge, Idaho

Adventure camping at its finest, River Dance Lodge offers what they called walled tents - basically a tent in cabin shape. Each tent has a king-sized bed (or two twins) and comfortable furniture. Toilets and showers are nearby, but not in the tents. The resort itself is for the adventurous, as it offers whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, and fishing.

Go Glamping

Glamping has taken the outdoor world by storm and it seems as if it's here to stay. In the future, look for more environmentally friendly accommodations as well as unique accommodations that can't be had anywhere else.

If none of the glamping options discussed here is near you, try one of these helpful sites for researching and booking your next glamping vacation:

  • Glamping Hub - Search sites, find reviews, and discover the latest in the glamping world.
  • Go Glamping - Geared mostly towards the international traveler, this site can help you review and search for glamping resorts.

Pay special attention to amenities while you're booking since resorts can vary widely on what they offer. While many offer indoor plumping, electricity, heat and more, others simply offer a comfy bed. Plan well in advance, as the more unique spots book well in advance.

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13 Best Places to Go Glamping and Live Your Best Life