Bear Grylls' Backpack Choices

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Many fans of the popular hit survival show Man Vs Wild often ask what brand Bear Grylls' backpack is. The answer is that Bear Grylls doesn't use just one backpack; he has used a wide variety of them for different reasons.

About Bear Grylls

Most people know Bear Grylls as the star of the hit shows Man Vs Wild and Born Survivor with Bear Grylls. However, there is a whole lot more to Bear Grylls than two television shows. Aside from his experiences serving in the British Special Air Service for three years, which alone is quite impressive, Bear also had the following accomplishments through the years.

  • Bear is listed in The Guinness Book of Records as the youngest British mountain climber to reach the top of Mount Everest and make it back alive. He accomplished the feat in 1998.
  • In 1997, Bear became the youngest British climber to summit Mount Ama Dablam, a 22,500 foot peak in the Himalayas.
  • Bear started working as a motivational speaker at corporations throughout the world.
  • Bear led a 2003 expedition across the Arctic Ocean on nothing more than a rigid inflatable boat with a small team of fellow adventurers.
  • He was the first man to power paraglide over the Himalayas to an altitude even higher than Mount Everest.
  • He published several books about his experiences, including The Kid who Climbed Everest and the Mission Survival book series.
  • He headed up the UK Ministry of Defence's anti-drug television campaign in the UK.
  • In 2009, Bear became a Chief Scout for the UK Scouting Association, becoming the youngest Chief Scout in the history of the UK.

Which Bear Grylls Backpack Do You Like?

Given his background and experience surviving in the wild, many people want to follow his example by using the same equipment that Bear Grylls uses in his shows and during his amazing adventures. In most of these shows, Bear's backpack may be a Gregory Targhee, a BackCountry Stash, and more recently the BearPac 25+ and BearPac 35+.

Gregory Targhee

In the first season of Man Vs Wild, Bear often used the Gregory Targhee pack. It is made of very durable ripstop and nylon fabric, along with a unique drainage system that keeps all of the contents dry. It includes a waist belt, gear loop and stash pocket for easy access to small tools. It also has an insulated sleeve to keep contents warm in freezing conditions and an insulated shoulder harness. Bear usually used the Gregory Targhee in very cold climates.

Gregory z25

The Gregory z25 backpack was the backpack Bear usually chose for those expeditions where he needed to remain light and agile. The Gregory z25 weighs only three pounds alone, and features an expandable front pouch for large gear as well as a compartment for a hydration system. The backpack is as durable as other Gregory backpacks, but it is also versatile enough to handle more grueling hikes or camping trips.

BackCountry Stash BC

Bear often chose the BackCountry Stash BC in a few of the shows where he had to survive in colder climates. Made of rip-proof fabric, the BearCountry Stash backpack has an impressive integrated three liter hydration system that regulated liquid temperature utilizing the your body temperature and the temperature of the air. It also has an easy access external pocket for a small shovel.


The most sought-after Bear Grylls backpack is the BearPac. Bear chose his own survival range brand of backpack and used them in a few episodes. In the episode where he was surviving in Patagonia, Argentina, Grylls actually used the backpack as a flotation device, while all of the gear inside remained perfectly dry. Characteristics of the BearPac includes the following.

  • Fully waterproof
  • Easy to use in dry conditions
  • Available for use as a marine backpack in wet conditions
  • Strong and durable
  • Emergency flotation device

The only problem with the BearPac 25 and BearPac 35 is that they are extremely difficult to find anywhere. There were a limited number available from Craghoppers, which currently sells Bear Grylls' line of adventure clothing. However, the BearPac is nowhere to be found in the U.S. British fans are able to obtain the Bear Grylls backpack from Craghoppers outlets in the U.K.

Getting Your BearPac

If you are desperate to purchase a Bear Grylls backpack of your own, and the only one you want is the BearPac, your only option if you are a U.S. resident is to search online auctions for U.K. residents that may sell used ones. However, whether you get the BearPac or one of Bear Grylls' other high quality backpacks, remember that what makes a true survivor isn't the gear that you have with you, but instead the decisions you make while you're in the wild.

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Bear Grylls' Backpack Choices