Waterproof Fanny Packs: Types and How to Choose Your Best Fit

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Wearing waterproof fanny packs is the most effective method of ensuring the protection of your small, important valuables and expensive items that may be damaged or destroyed by water. Items commonly carried in fanny packs include cameras, cellular phones, and car keys. The pack is a zippered storage pouch usually worn like a belt around the waist. Camping, water sports, fishing, and other aquatic activities can be enjoyed comfortably while your important possessions are kept safe and dry.

Types of Waterproof Fanny Packs

Surface Fanny Packs

A surface fanny pack is a pack that can be submerged beneath the surface of the water. The triple water resistant zip lock seal protects your items and prevents any water from entering the interior. Perfect for water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and parasailing, this type of pouch can be effective for most water activities. However, they cannot be used for scuba diving because the packs are not tested to protect possessions against the underwater pressure.

Underwater Fanny Packs

The underwater fanny pack is specifically designed for deep-sea dives and scuba diving. Stronger materials permit underwater packs to withstand water pressure up to 30 feet without exploding. These packs are extremely lightweight, very strong, and exceptionally durable. They are 100 percent waterproof and airtight.

Tips for Choosing Fanny Packs


Perhaps the most important aspect of selecting a quality waterproof fanny pack is making sure the accessory has adequate protection and padding so you can be confident your possessions are safe in the event of any impact. The water activities you see yourself participating in should influence your decision in purchasing the appropriate waist pack. If you plan to wear the accessory while sport fishing, mountain climbing, or hiking, you will want to make sure the padding has adequate protection. If you're simply strolling leisurely around town it might not be as important to have an enormous amount of padding.


The belt is an essential element of choosing the ideal pack. You want to make sure you try it on and are confident that the adjustable belt can properly fit securely around your waist. You also want to make sure that the belt is comfortable on bare skin without causing any discomfort or irritation. Walk around to ensure a good flexible mount. The belt should also not have any abrasive exterior materials that could potentially breach through your clothes.


The materials of the pouch are essential to ensure that they will protect your possessions from water. Never get the least expensive pack without first checking the materials to make sure they will actually protect your valuables. The bag must protect your possessions from water, so more caution should be exercised in selecting the appropriate waist pack than other waterproof accessories that only keep your skin dry, such as waterproof rain slickers. Effective and proven waterproof materials in fanny packs include nylon, PVC, and neoprene. The accessory must be flawless and provide complete water protection. Just as you must make sure your tent is waterproof when camping, your fanny pack must also stand the test. One small hole or design flaw can destroy everything.

Pocket Size

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The pockets and space inside the pack determines how many items you can carry. If you only need your wallet and car keys then it might not be necessary to have an enormous bundle. Conversely, if you plan to carry multiple items such as cell phones, cameras, and other objects it might be best to make sure that your pockets will actually hold all of these items. As a rule, it is better to purchase a pack with multiple pockets so that you have more room for possessions of various sizes and proportions to be optimally stored.


While it may not be the purpose of the fanny pack, style is nonetheless an important determining factor concerning whether you will be satisfied with your purchase. Make sure that the style you choose will fit under or over any clothes you intend to be wearing with the accessory. For instance, you may want room for a sweater or jacket to be worn comfortably over the fanny pack.


Selecting the best fanny pack to prevent water from damaging your possessions requires investigation. Pocket size, waterproof materials, belt and padding are the most important characteristics you should examine prior to making your purchase. Trying on the pack is the only sure method of knowing that you will be satisfied with your selection. Make sure all your possessions fit and that you are comfortable and mobile while wearing the accessory. It's always better to invest a little extra money on a quality fanny pack to ensure that your possessions will be safe, since the extra money and assurance is certainly better than having to buy new items.

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