Finding and Buying Used Pop Up Campers: Advice You Can Trust

Pop up campers are available in many price ranges.

Since pop up campers can be pretty expensive, there is a strong demand for used pop up campers. People can purchase them from dealers, just like they do used cars or trucks, or they can buy them online.

Advice on Buying Used Pop Up Campers

Even though used pop up campers are less expensive than new ones, they still cost a good amount of money. This means a person buying one should put some thought into the purchase.

Do Some Research

  1. Shop around. It's smart to check out several makes and models of pop up camper in person to get an idea of the features that are available. A good way to do this is to attend RV shows, even if they only have new campers on display.
  2. Decide on a price range. It's always best for a person to know what he or she is willing to pay for a camper before getting in touch with sellers. Some people are surprised to find that they can afford campers that they thought were out of their price range. The buyer should always try to negotiate a lower price and be willing to walk away if negotiations fail.
  3. See how much campers should cost. A person should never rely on a seller to tell him or her how much a camper is worth. Some will be honest and others won't. There is no way to tell without doing some research. A good place to look is on the National Automobile Dealers Association's website. It has a section devoted to camping trailers from model year 1975 forward.
  4. Look at ratings. One of the best ways for a person to tell if he or she will enjoy owning a particular pop up camper is to see what kind of luck other people have had with it. RV Coach is a good place to look for these reviews.

Ask the Seller Questions

It's perfectly acceptable, and even expected, for a person looking to buy a used camper to ask the seller detailed questions about the unit. Some sample questions that can be helpful are:

  • How often did you use the camper and in what weather conditions?
  • Have any of the parts been replaced? Was regular maintenance done?
  • Are there any problems that I need to be aware of, such as leaks or broken parts?
  • How many people does this camper sleep comfortably in your experience?
  • Does this camper have air conditioning and heat?
  • How much water does the water tank hold?
  • Does it take one propane tank or two?
  • Is there a battery or do I need to have an electricity hookup at my campsite to power it?
  • Can I see the camper raised and lowered and check out the interior and exterior before buying it?
  • What type of vehicle did you use to tow this camper?

Finding Pop Up Campers to Purchase

There are several sites that have used campers for sale at good prices. They include the following:

  • ebay - This site has a vehicle section where there are usually over a dozen campers up for auction, or for direct purchase through the "Buy it Now" program.
  • Camping World RV Sales - This site is solely dedicated to the sale of camping equipment. Instead of buying campers directly through the site, interested parties find campers they would like to learn more about and submit information request forms. Then the sellers contact them by phone or email.
  • RV Trader Online - This site offers details on both new and used campers for sale. Buyers can find both dealers and individual sellers and receive their contact information so they can call or email them directly. There is an option to search by camper brand and model or by geographic area, which is important since it is quite expensive to have a camper shipped. Note that pop up campers are referred to as folding campers on this site.
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Finding and Buying Used Pop Up Campers: Advice You Can Trust