Lightweight Travel Trailers: What They Really Offer

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If you are looking for a camper that you can tow easily with your small truck, van or light SUV, one of the available ultra lite travel trailers might be a good choice for you. Several manufacturers make and market lightweight RVs, so you'll have an opportunity to choose from among a number of different models if you decide that this is the best type of recreational vehicle for you.

Examples of Ultra Lite Travel Trailers

Aerolite and Cub Travel Trailers

Aerolite travel trailers are believed by many to be the industry standard in ultra lite recreational vehicles. Aeriolite units have long been recognized as a top choice among RV enthusiasts who want the benefits of lightweight travel trailers. These units are available in lengths ranging from 24 to 30 feet long and in 15 different floor plans. Made by the same company that manufactures Aerolite RVs, Cub travel trailers are both ultra lite and expandable. With pop-outs available on both ends of the unit, it's easy to get extra sleeping space when you need it, without having to go up to a larger size camper. This type of camper can be beneficial to young families that are still growing, as well as to RV travelers who often invite friends along on camping trips.

Use the online dealer finder to locate an Aerolite dealer in your general area if you'd like to view one or more of these units in person. You can also request a brochure online, which you can view immediately in a PDF file or have mailed to your home.

Coachmen Captiva

Coachmen Captiva ultra lite recreational vehicles are designed to be towed by SUVs and small pick up trucks. Designed to maximize storage, these units include pull-out storage bins, bunk beds, pass-through storage and more.

Forest River

Forest River makes three different types of lightweight fifth wheel and standard travel trailers. The company's Flagstaff, Rockwood, and Surveyor models are each available in a fifth wheel and standard style. Each is classified as "super lightweight" and rated as appropriate for use with light duty towing vehicles. Use the online dealer locator to locate a Forest River dealer in your area.

Kodiak by Skamper

Kodiak ultra lite travel trailers are available in 15 floor plans, ranging in length from 24 to 30 feet. The base weight starts as low as 2,418 pounds, and increases based on size and features. In spite of the fact that they're lightweight, these units offer plenty of storage space, including extensive cabinet space and storage compartments for camping gear.

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Lightweight Travel Trailers: What They Really Offer