Storage Box for a Tent Canopy: Browse Your Options

Tent Canopy

Once your camping trip is over, what will you use as a storage box for tent canopies? Perhaps your tent canopies are brand-new and you've only set them up once at the camp site. Have you given thought to what your plans are for storing them?

Searching for a Storage Box for Tent Canopy

Finding a sturdy container for your tent canopy doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

True, when a tent canopy is purchased at a store, sometimes the item comes in a box. (It can also come in a duffel bag.) While the box is sufficient for bringing the canopy home, it won't last long. Unless you are going to keep the item in your garage and never take it out to put it up, you will experience problems with the box. Chances are, the box will eventually tear or break, get water-damaged, or speckled with mildew. Something other than a box made of cardboard for storing your canopy comes in handy.

What is the best box to purchase for storage? You want to make sure the box has room not only for the canopy, but for the accessories such as bungees, ropes, poles, and tie-down straps.

The Proper Deck Box

A deck box can be a wonderful solution to finding a place to store your tent canopy. Your local home improvement store should carry a variety of them in the garden section.

You may also want to check online as some stores, such as Stacks and Stacks Homewares, will ship a deck box to you. These boxes from Stacks and Stacks Homewares run between one-hundred and three-hundred dollars. Here are three which are sturdy, roomy, and good-looking.

  • The Deck Box
    • This box features long-lasting resin construction and a stay-dry design
    • It has a large 50-gallon capacity ideal for storing outdoor accessories
    • Easy tool-free assembly in 5 minutes
    • Interior dimensions are 37"W x 17"D x 18.5"H
  • Deck-Box with Wheels
    • Features wheels and handles for easy portability and is easily assembled, tool free
    • Large 73-gallon capacity
    • Interior dimensions are 42"W x 19"D x 21"H
  • The Deck Box Seat
    • This cedar box is great for storing chair cushions or pool supplies as well as your tent canopy
    • Setting it up is easy, no tools are needed
    • It has a 129-gallon storage capacity
    • Measures: 27.6"H x 53"W x 29"D
    • Internal measurement: 22.75"H x 52"W x 26"D

    If the poles for your canopy retract to a small size, another option for storage is a Sterlite (brand-name) plastic tote box that has the following dimensions: 15 3/8"H x 17 1/2"W x 25 1/2"D.

Types of Tent Canopies

Most tent canopies are made from fire-resistant, waterproof and UV treated fabric. They are set-up with lightweight aluminum or steel frames. While there are all kinds of canopies, some large for outdoor events like wedding receptions, the ones used for camping generally tend to be smaller for easy set-up.

Some of these include:
  • Instant Pop-up Tent
  • Slant-Leg Pop-Up Canopy
  • Straight-Leg Pop-Up Canopy

One accessory you can purchase for only $100 is a tent insert. This is a fabric screen with windows and doors. The tent insert converts a slant leg pop-up canopy to a camping tent, changing room, or pool cabana.

For about $50, you can buy a screen kit, a durable add-on that will make your slant-leg pop-up canopy turn into a fully-screened room that keeps the bugs out and the summer breezes blowing through.

Explore the Canopy Center to view a large selection of canopies.

Camping with Your Tent Canopy

When you aren't storing your canopy where would you like to take it? Why not head to the coast to camp at the beach?

There are beach camping parks where you can set up your canopy for your adventure away from home.

Check out other vacations you can take with your family. Sleeping under the stars and enjoying activities under the protection of your tent canopy is sure to be relaxing.

What to Take

What else do you need for your adventure besides sleeping bags or sleeping cots?

  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Foam mattresses or Air Mattresses and Foot Pump
  • Lantern
  • Flashlights
  • Cooking Gear
  • Mosquito Traps

You will find other ideas to add to your camping list at LoveToKnow Camping.

Once you get home from your trip and unpack, you can be reassured that your canopy will be protected in your storage box for tent canopy.

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Storage Box for a Tent Canopy: Browse Your Options