Smallest Travel Trailers with Wet Baths

Small travel trailers with wet baths are very desirable

Having a wet bath in their travel trailer is very important for many people, yet they don't necessarily want a large travel trailer. Instead, they want something they can drive comfortably. Teardrop camping trailers are very popular, but most are so small they cannot accommodate a wet bath. Fortunately there are small trailers with wet baths.

Information about Wet Baths

Not all RV enthusiasts are fans of wet baths. Some people prefer larger trailers because they often come with a separate shower. The wet bath certainly does have its drawbacks. The most common issue is the obvious one; you will need to wipe down the floor and other nearby areas after each use. This is not an incredibly tedious and time consuming task, yet it can be a burden on older couples and those who do not enjoy cleaning after every shower.

In all actuality, wet baths are very easy to clean, and can usually be taken care of in a simple matter of seconds. Using paper towels or a mop to wipe down the floor is the most common way to dry the wet bath. If constantly drying the wet bath is going to drive you crazy, then the wet bath is probably not for you. Just remember, that it is not hard to maintain the wet bath area and it is all part of the experience of owning a smaller travel trailer. If you do not like the idea of a wet bath, keep in mind that there are many additional advantages that come with smaller trailers that might make up for the wet bath by providing a surprising amount of additional space.

Some of the Smallest Travel Trailers with Wet Baths

Dutchmen T@DA

The Dutchmen T@DA (pronounced tah-dah) was once an extremely popular travel trailer. Many people still love this trailer, which weighs less than twenty-two hundred pounds. The low weight of the T@DA makes it easy to haul for most sport utility vehicles and light trucks. The great thing about this small, lightweight travel trailer is that many passenger cars and mini vans can also handle the easy to haul T@DA. With an exterior height of seven feet eleven inches, the T@DA has little problems fitting into garages and small parking spots. Motor homes that fit into the garage are very popular. The exterior width of the T@DA is just six feet seven inches and the exterior length is sixteen feet five inches.

This travel trailer has a wet bath with integrated toilet. The integrated toilet is also designed to accommodate an optional shower. The plumbing prep for the optional shower comes with sufficient plumbing for a twenty-two gallon portable sewer tank, though this sewer tank is not included. However, a five gallon toilette tank is included. Dutchmen Campers claims that this travel trailer is so lightweight that you can actually move it around by hand.


The Eggcamper looks very much like an egg from the outside. This small travel trailer incorporates the intelligent design philosophy of using molds from the large areas of the travel trailer for both the interior and exterior. This makes the Eggcamper very lightweight. The Eggcamper is seventeen feet long and weighs only two thousand pounds. This travel trailer is eighty-eight inches wide, and six feet seven inches tall.

Hi-Lo Sporty TowLite

Hi-Lo is known for manufacturing telescopic travel trailers. The company has been producing these trailer since 1957, and they claim to be the safest travel trailers in the world. They certainly save a great deal of space. The 15T is just fifteen feet long. With all the benefits and amenities of a larger trailer, Hi-Lo manufactures top quality small trailers with wet baths.

A Final Note

It is important to make sure that you examine the size of the wet bath when searching for this type of camper. Wet baths can vary greatly depending on which of the smallest travel trailers with wet baths you choose. Small trailers without wet baths often have a much more spacious interior, which can an attraction for many people who love small trailers, but are not in love with wet baths.

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Smallest Travel Trailers with Wet Baths