What to Wear When Hiking

Polypropylene Bottom Layer

Wondering What to Wear When Hiking?

Polypropylene underwear pulls sweat away from your body.


In the summer, a windbreaker over your undershirt will protect from wind chill.

Fleece as Second Layer

In the fall or winter, windproof and breathable fleece is a critical second layer.


GORE-TEX or comparible outerwear allows moisture out, but keeps heat in.

Head Gear

An appropriate hat for the weather, one that's breathable and covers the ears in the winter, is an essential item when considering what to wear when hiking.

Headwear for Sun

Consider wearing a cap in the summer to block the sun and protect your face and eyes.

Warm Gloves

Good breathable and waterproof gloves with insulation in the winter

Sports Gloves

It's smart to wear sports gloves to protect from blistering and injury during summer hikes.

Sports Socks

In the summer, polypropylene socks to wisk away moisture.

Warm Winter Socks

Layer a pair of heavier polypropylene outer socks for winter comfort.

Hiking Boots

Buy only quality hiking boots that are comfortable and will protect your ankles.

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What to Wear When Hiking