Hiking Camping Tips

Check the Weather

Important Hiking Camping Tips

Don't make assumptions about what the weather will be like at your destination. Check the weather forecast so you can select the best apparel and supplies for the conditions you will face.

Make Necessary Arrangements Early

One of the most valuable hiking camping tips is to make sure that you take care of making campground reservations and getting any necessary backcountry hiking permits well in advance of your trip.

Pack Appropriately

Take everything you need, but don't carry extra gear. Use a camping checklist so you can be certain to remember the items necessary to have a great time in the great outdoors.

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Break in Hiking Boots

When you buy new hiking boots, take the time to properly break them in before setting out on a hiking trip.

Stay on Marked Trails

Stay safe by keeping on marked trails when hiking and camping only in areas where overnight stays are allowed.

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Take a First Aid Kit

Be prepared for minor emergencies with a first aid kit designed for outdoor use.

Be Prepared to Build a Campfire

What's a camping trip without a rousing campfire? A toasty campfire is the perfect setting for bonding with your fellow travelers and roasting marshmallows.

Campfire Cooking

Take food and outdoor cooking supplies that will allow you to enjoy healthful, delicious meals prepared in the great outdoors.

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Enjoy the View

Include a pair of binoculars in your gear so you can enjoy the scenery, bird watching, and viewing the local wildlife.

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Hiking Camping Tips