Camping Games for Kids

Outdoor Campfire Cooking

There are many types of camping games for kids. Even the most active youngsters can find plenty to do during an outdoor adventure vacation. Even the simple act of preparing and eating a meal can seem like a game when it involves roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire. Add a little storytelling and you have the perfect evening of outdoor family entertainment.

Croquet Game

Consider packing your croquet set the next time you go on a camping trip. This fun outdoor game is compact and easy to transport, and you can set it up just about anywhere. Kids can entertain themselves for hours with this enjoyable outdoor game.

Building Sandcastles

If you'll be camping at the seashore, there are plenty of fun activities for children to engage in. Consider holding a sandcastle building contest for the youngsters in your group! This game is actually fun for kids of all ages, so don't be surprised if the grown ups also want to join in.

Camping Theme Toys

Traditional toys with a camping oriented twist can be a lot of fun during camping excursions. Youngsters who enjoy playing with toy cars and tractors at home will likely enjoy playing with models of RVs and other camping gear when in the great outdoors. The same goes for kids who like tea sets. Consider bringing a child size set of camping cookware along during the next family outing.

Educational Games

Camping games can be fun and educational. Why not take advantage of your time in the great outdoors to help your kids learn about wildlife and the natural environment? Many kids will find it fascinating to look for and identify different types of critters and plants. This can be a great way to pass the time while camping. As an added bonus, this camping game has the potential to possibly boost your child's grades in science class!

Outdoor Navigation Games

During a camping trip is an ideal time to start teaching your kids how to use a compass and read maps. Turn these important lessons into fun games that you can enjoy with your children when spending time together in the backcountry.


There's room at just about any campsite to play a game of horseshoes. This is a game that the children and grown ups can enjoy playing together when enjoying a camping adventure.

Fidning Camping Games for Kids
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Camping Games for Kids