Backpacking Essentials

Trail Mix

Pack Backpacking Esssentials

Pack plenty of high protein food that doesn't require refrigeration.

Trail Map

A good trail map is a must for every backpacking trip.


A quality, lightweight backpack is a must.

Fire Starter

Be sure to take something to help you get a fire going.

Swiss Army Knife

A pocket knife can be useful during backpacking trips.


Sunscreen can prevent painful sunburns during backpacking trips.

First Aid Kit

A mini first aid kit can be very helpful when backpacking.

Water Storage

Carry a Klean Kanteen or other reusable water storage container with you.

Sleeping Bag
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A lightweight, warm sleeping bag like the Eureka Silver City is one of the most important backpacking essentials.

Water Purification Tablets
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You'll always have access to potable water when you take along water purification tablets.

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Backpacking Essentials