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If you have an old Coleman stove that is rusty and has chipped surface paint, you may wonder if it's possible to repaint Coleman camp stove parts and surfaces. The truth is that refurbishing your old and well-used Coleman stove isn't that difficult if you have the right tools and follow the tips that are detailed below.

Why Repaint Coleman Camp Stove Parts?

Whether you're working on a vintage Coleman camp stove or a more contemporary model, the most common design of the standard Coleman stove is almost always the same.

  • A front fuel tank painted red (although older models are often gold painted), if a tank is attached or included
  • The entire case typically painted a forest green color
  • The grill, burners and knobs are usually a shiny stainless steel, aluminum or nickel plated metal.

Over time, due to the fact that most camping stoves are placed in various weather conditions that introduce heat, moisture and other elements - these parts start to discolor, flake off paint, and even rust. Older models, particularly if they are used in very wet environments or not stored away in an appropriately dry place, can accumulate a significant level of rust over the years.

Preparing to Repaint Coleman Camp Stove Parts

One of the most important things to consider before attempting to completely repaint your Coleman camp stove is the condition of each part of your stove. Where is most of the rust accumulated? What metals are you dealing with and what is the condition of any plating or paint, such as the stainless steel grate or the painted aluminum wings? Sometimes it isn't necessary to completely disassemble the stove so that you can repaint every single part. Instead, consider thoroughly cleaning off the surfaces and parts that haven't accumulated any rust, or which the original paint is still in excellent condition.

With that said, sometimes you might be forced to completely repaint an entire stove simply to make sure that the paint color matches throughout. However, that doesn't mean that you have to repaint the grill or the burners. Carefully examine each part of the stove and decide what surfaces you feel really need to be refurbished. When you've identified that areas that need work, detach the parts if possible and then begin by removing both rust and paint from the surface using any of the following methods.

  • If you have an air compressor, sandblast the surface until there is only bare metal exposed.
  • If rust is a major problem, consider first using "naval jelly" which will chemically dissolve and remove all surface rust.
  • Use a wire brush or wire wheel to strip the entire surface down to bare metal.

Once you've disassembled the parts and stripped them down to bare metal, it's time to repaint the Coleman camp stove.

Tips on Repainting Your Coleman Stove

When all surfaces are stripped down to bare metal and you're ready to paint, the type of paint that you choose depends upon the part's proximity to the heat of the stove. Any paint you choose for the fuel tank will not only need to be heat resistant but also fuel resistant so that spilled fuel will not strip the paint.

Surface paint for the stove itself, which is usually the same original forest green, should be heat resistant as well, however some areas of the case have less heat exposure. But if you choose a paint type for one area of the case, it's best to use the same throughout for an even color. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the paints to refurbish your Coleman camp stove.

  • Some refurbishers use engine block paint, which is a very high temperature resistant paint. Unfortunately it may be hard to find the colors that you need, like green.
  • If practicality is more important than the aesthetic quality of the camp stove, stove paint is another option. While most common stove paints are usually only black, newer paints now offer other colors for more contemporary stoves, so check with your local stove dealer for stove paint options.
  • Rustoleum is a very popular brand that offers high temperature paints capable of handling heat up to about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Rustoleum comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • Many paint brands offer their own line of high temperature paints, however another common offering is protective enamel spray. Enamel is heat resistant, protects from rust and works great on metal surfaces.
  • Some renovators use high temperature barbecue paint (usually used on propane grills) to coat the manifold, grate and all other non painted parts. This coating may not appear shiny and chrome-colored, but it will prevent these parts from rusting.

Final Tips

Once you are finished repainting each stove part, allow everything to dry before reassembling each part and especially before lighting the stove. Once you've finished repainting and reassembling the stove, take pride in the fact that you've just completely refurbished one of the most popular brands of camping stoves in the world. By keeping your stove clean and in perfect condition, you can enjoy it for many years to come.

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Repaint Coleman Camp Stove