RV Camping Supplies: 28 Essentials for a Smooth Trip

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Camping Supplies for RVs


There are all kinds of great supplies available for RV camping - from basic, must-have items to cool gadgets and accessories to help you make the most of your trip. Before setting out on an outdoor adventure, be sure that your travel trailer or motor home is packed with all the camping supplies that you're likely to need to have an enjoyable trip!

Phone Charging Stand

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Your smartphone can really help pass the time when you're a passenger on long RV trips or hanging out at the campsite waiting for your travel companions to get motivated. Ventev's Chargestand 3000c makes easy work of keeping your phone charged and in position while you're on the road, as it's both a portable charger and phone stand. Whether you're reading a book, playing a game or watching a movie, this accessory is the ideal companion to keep your device going while you're out and about.

Auto First Aid Kit

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When you set out on a road trip in your RV, it's important to have an emergency supply kit in easy reach of the driver's seat. This Auto First Aid Kit from StatGear Tools is perfect to use with your RV, whether you have a motorhome or are pulling a travel trailer behind a tow vehicle. It attaches to the passenger's sun visor and is fully stocked with a variety of emergency supplies, including drinking water, various bandages, antibiotic ointment and more.

Power Inverter

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A power inverter is really helpful during long RV road trips. This handy device lets you work (or play!) on your laptop or tablet while you're on the road without worrying about draining the battery. You can also use it to power other items that require electricity, such as a fan, TV, Blu-ray player and more. Just plug the power inverter into your car's 12 volt port and use it as a standard 110 volt power outlet. This particular model even features USB charging ports.

Compact Flashlight

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You can never have too many compact flashlights stashed away in your RV. This low cost (under $20) and versatile flashlight won't take up much space in the limited area you have to store gear in your RV, and it can come in handy in many camping situations. It can withstand temperature extremes and is impact resistant, so you can leave it in your camper all year whether your unit is parked or on the road. Just be sure to check the batteries before you set out on an adventure.

Drinking Water Hose

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When you land at your campsite, you'll want to get hooked up to fresh water right away so that you aren't dependent on your RV's fresh water holding tank. Be sure to use a drinking water hose that is made from materials that have been approved by the FDA to connect your camper to the fresh water supply.

RV Water Filter

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The last thing you want to happen when you're out on an otherwise stellar camping trip is to get sick from nasty parasites and other contamination related to impure drinking water. Adding a water filter to your fresh water supply hose is a great way to enjoy the best quality water when you are camping.

Hose Splitter

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Good news! Your campsite has free and ready access to fresh water. Make the most of your campground's water connection with a handy hose splitter. This will allow you to set up an outside water hose for cleaning and other purposes, as well as a fresh water connection for everything you need inside your RV.

Auto Dog Mug


Traveling with a canine companion? It's easy to keep your dog hydrated during RV trips with an Auto Dog Mug. Whether you're rolling down the highway or enjoying a romp at a rest stop, this nifty device allows your pup to get plenty of water without making a big mess. Just fill the base with water and squeeze to release water to the bowl on the top for lapping. When you let go, the water drains back into the base!

RV-Friendly Dog Bed

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Avoiding messy water drinking is only the beginning when you're RV camping with your favorite furry friends. You also have to think about where your dogs are going to sleep. CycleDog's Barrier Beds are a great dog bed option for RVs, as they are both anti-bacterial and waterproof. Thanks to the durable, coated material, you can just hose them off quickly and easily during camping trips. When you get home, toss them in the washing machine for easier cleaning (the beds, not your dogs!).

Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

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Music adds life to any camping trip and this Mini Life Jacket 3 Bluetooth speaker from Altec Lansing is perfect for just this purpose. It's compact and durable, features that make it an ideal choice for enjoying tunes in the great outdoors. It is water resistant and you can even float it in your campground's lake or swimming pool. Plus, it lasts for 10 hours when fully charged and has a built-in smartphone charger to help keep your phone going strong.

RV Sewer Kit

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Staying at a campground that includes sewer hookups? You'll need an RV sewer kit to connect your RV's water tanks to the sewage hookups provided at your improved campsite. This version from Camco comes fully assembled with everything you need for a fast and reliable hookup, complete with easy slip hose fittings.

Dump Gloves

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Just because you're camping doesn't mean you need to get elbow deep in dirty jobs that require special tools and equipment! Protect your hands when visiting a dump station or connecting and disconnecting your RV sewer hose from its campsite hookup with these specially designed dump gloves.

Toilet Treatment Solution

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Just as you need to keep the facilities at home up to a reasonable standard, it's highly advisable both from a comfort and a sanitation perspective to keep things clean on your RV too. Keep your RV smelling fresh throughout your trip with a campground-friendly toilet treatment solution.

Tactical Backpack

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Every RV enthusiast needs a quality, multi-purpose backpack. The Rush 24 tactical backpack from 5.11 is a perfect choice, as it is super heavy-duty, water repellent and versatile. From rations to clothing to emergency supplies, this pack can hold just about everything you might need for various activities, as well as road emergency situations. It even has a compartment to hold a hydration pack. This lightweight backpack is easy to stash away in an RV cubby when not in use.

Graduated Level

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This handy level can help you determine when your camper is properly positioned in the ideal position. It takes the guesswork out of raising and lowering your RV when trying to make sure it is level and ready for your camping adventure.

RV Toilet Tissue

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Don't damage your RV's plumbing system by using regular toilet tissue! Make sure to pack plenty of RV-safe toilet paper that is clog resistant, biodegradable, and safe for the septic tank system at the campsite and consistent with campground policies.

T-Rex Tape

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Chances are that you'll sometimes need super heavy-duty utility tape during your RV adventures. Keep a roll of T-Rex Tape in your camper for just such an occasion. This all-weather, sun-resistant tape is highly durable and perfectly suited for RV travelers.

Outdoor Extension Cord

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Here's a common basic item that far too many campers neglect to put on their list! Be sure that you can safely connect your RV to the power hookups provided at your campsite by packing one or more long, outdoor-rated extension cords.

Waterproof Solar Rope Lights

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Make sure your campsite is well-lit with a set of waterproof, solar-powered rope lights. They'll charge during the day and provide soft, LED lighting from dusk until dawn. You can turn them off and set them to blink if desired too.

Head Lamp

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A quality head lamp is a great tool for making it safer and easier to navigate the campground and your campsite at night when you need your hands free. This cool gadget can come in really useful when you arrive at the campground after dark and you need to get your site situated. It's also really helpful when you're walking your canine camping companions through the campground after dark, leaving one hand free for the leash and another for the pooper-scooper.

Combo Light and Power Station

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The powerful ARC LED Light & Power Station from GearAid is ideal for RV camping, especially for those who enjoy dry camping or overnighting in Walmart parking lots or other spots where power hookups aren't available. Outfitted with a 10,400mAh battery, this gadget has 60 LED bulbs. Simply charge it before you set out on your road trip and it'll provide light for days while also keeping your cell phone topped up. Use the attached kickstand for tabletop use or the included hook for lantern-style use.

Solar Lantern


A solar lantern is a great item for RV campers who don't want to be dependent on electricity for recharging. This unique expandable solar lantern is ideal, as all it needs is a light source to charge. You can charge it by sunlight or the light of your campfire, as well as indoor light if you're in an area where such is available. Because it is compact and expandable, it can be used as a lantern or flashlight for maximum versatility. You can also charge your phone with it.

Stay-Put Clothes Hangers

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If you want to make sure your hanging clothes stay where they should - hanging on your closet rod - during RV travel, invest in a few sets of Lynx Stay-Put Hangers. These innovative clip-on hangers clip securely over standard closet rods and will stay in place over even the bumpiest roads.

Folding Step Stool

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A step stool can come in very handy during RV outings, but they can take up too much precious storage space. This folding option is a great alternative to traditional designs, as it can be quickly and easily assembled for use, then folded up and tucked away for storage.

Wheel Chock

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Keep your RV positioned securely in place by strategically wedging wheel chocks under the tires once it is parked. You don't want to return to your spot only to find your RV has rolled all the way down the hill, leaving chaos in its wake. This is a key safety precaution that should never be overlooked.

Mini Fireplace Heater

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Since electricity is included with most campsites, you may want to pack a small space heater when you go on RV trips during chilly times of the year. This can help reduce the amount of costly propane you need to use to keep your camper warm.

Tip: Turn on your gas heat and your space heater to get your RV warm. When it is comfortable, turn down the gas heat and leave the electric heater on. Chances are the gas won't need to come on much to sustain the temperature.

Nesting Stainless Cookware

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Of course, you'll need a way to cook the tasty dishes you whip up using your mixing bowls. This nesting stainless cookware set is the perfect solution. Designed with the needs and storage limitations of RV campers in mind, this set even has removable handles. It's the perfect RV cookware solution.

Slide-out Lube & Protectant

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If your RV has a slide, you'll definitely want to keep a can of Slide-out Lube & Protectant handy. This aerosol spray is designed to help ensure smooth operation of RV slide-outs by keeping them from getting stuck. It also helps protect them against getting rusty or corroded.

Camp in Comfort


With the right supplies and extras, RV travel can be both comfortable and convenient. In addition to the options listed here, there are plenty of other camping gear and equipment items to consider. From electric lanterns to rocking chairs for your campsite, there are always plenty of things to consider adding to your stash of RV supplies.

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