RV Awning Replacement Fabric: A Guide to Finding and Buying

Awnings create an extra room.

If you have acquired an older RV that needs repairs, it is likely you will need a source for RV awning replacement fabric. The awning of an RV is often one of the first things to show wear and tear.

Finding Replacement Fabric

The best place to start when you are looking for replacement fabric for a RV awning is the manufacturer of your RV. If you have a recent model RV, they will probably have replacement fabric for your particular model. This will ensure that the fabric fits exactly and matches the original look and style of your model RV.

Parts and fabrics for an older RV may be more difficult to find. Often, manufactures will stop making parts after a certain amount of time. In this case you will just need to find RV awning replacement fabric that you like the look of.

What You Will Need to Know

You will need to have some specific information handy before you order your new fabric. Measure the old awning fabric while it is still on the tube for the size you need.

  • What is the make of your RV awning?
  • What is the exact measurement of the fabric, length and width?
  • When the awning is not being used, is it protected by a metal awning guard or is it just rolled up?

It is best for most people to have the new awning fitted and replaced by a company with experience in awning replacement. It is possible to repair your own awning, however. Just be sure to follow the directions and safety precautions carefully.

Where to Buy RV Awning Replacement Fabric

Buying your fabric locally will save you money on shipping and you will be able to see what you are getting. If this is not possible, you do have several other options.


It is true that you can find almost anything on eBay, including RV awning fabric. Always read the descriptions carefully and make sure you understand exactly what you are paying for. It is important to read the seller's feedback as well. Any seller can have a little bad feedback but if there is too much you may want to look elsewhere.

Be sure to read the return policies and guarantees carefully, and ask questions about anything that you don't totally understand. You may also want to consider paying with Paypal, because if there is a problem with your purchase it will be easier get your money back.

RV Workshop

RV Workshop has parts and fabrics for almost any kind of awning or RV repair. They carry Shademaker RV Awning products, which are made in the United States. RV Workshop offers free shipping in the lower 48 states.

PPL Motor Homes

PPL offers awning fabric for the following RV awnings:

  • A & E
  • Carefree of Colorado
  • Faulkner

They also carry universal replacement fabric that will fit any brand of awning except Zip Dee. A benefit of buying from this company is that they offer swatches of the various fabrics.

PPL is also a consignment motor home dealer.

RV Awnings Online

RV Awnings Online carries a full line of awning replacement fabric and accessories. Be sure you double check your measurements. These items are non-returnable.


Shadepro carries RV replacement awning fabrics in a number of colors, styles and types. Awning fabric can be purchased in the following materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Acrylic
  • Polyweave

The fabrics are hemmed to prevent unraveling. They do offer free shipping on orders over $100.00.

Once you find your fabric, and understand how to do it, installing an awning will take a few hours of your time. You will also need a couple of people to help.

Finding RV awning replacement fabric is not that difficult. There are numerous colors for you to choose from to personalize your recreational vehicle and give it the look you have always wanted.

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RV Awning Replacement Fabric: A Guide to Finding and Buying