Prices for Motorhomes at Campsites

A motorhome is a home away from home.

The prices for motorhomes at campsites are of importance when you are ready to take your vehicle out onto the open road. Whether you are considering a purchase of a fifth wheel, or have just made one, the following information will guide you so that you will know what to expect as you travel across the country.

Motorhomes for Sale

When you ride down any highway, chances are that you will spot a variety of motorhomes in all shapes and sizes. Motorhomes, campers, or more commonly known as RVs (recreational vehicles), are increasing in popularity.

Types of Motorhomes

There are three types of houses on wheels.

  • Type A - These are built on a chassis and are less than 25 feet to over 40 feet in length. They are the most expensive and the largest motorhomes, selling for about $112,000.
  • Type B - These are frequently called van campers and have fewer amenities than type A. The cost is around $55,000.
  • Type C - These are built on frames and have an attached cab with a bunk for sleeping. The cost is about $55,000.

To assist you as you consider one of the above homes, visit the following websites.

  • RVT has both new and used vehicles.
  • RVs and Motorhomes provides tips to guide you on what to expect when buying a motorhome.

Renting First

Since motorhomes are expensive, you may want to rent one for a week or two to see if it is a vehicle you enjoy driving and riding in. Daily rentals run from $115 to $150 a day. Be sure to take your time to see if this is a product you want to invest your time and money in.

Prices for Motorhomes at Campsites Across America

As you venture out to campsites, there are a number of factors involved in determining how much you can expect to pay for your stay. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to either call or peruse the campsite or national park's website before your trip. Some locations do not allow motorhomes or, are not equipped to handle them.

When you do find a campsite that accommodates RVs, regulations and fees may depend on the following:

  • Size of camper - Generally, the longer and bigger the RV, the more space it takes on the lot and the higher the fee. Campgrounds may charge a certain amount for campers under 25 feet and more for those which are 30 feet or longer.
  • Hook-ups - If a site is equipped for electrical, water, and sewer hook-ups, the nightly rate may be higher.
  • Season of the year - The rates at a campground can vary, depending on the season with the summer months commanding a higher nightly rate.
  • Number of passengers - Some locations may charge you according to the number of people in your RV. Usually the cost at a national or state park is between $10 and $15 per night for two passengers. Private campgrounds charge between $30 and $40 per night. If more than two passengers are aboard, often there is an extra $2 per night charge per person.
  • Location of campsite - If you are in an area where there are popular attractions, such as a theme park like Disney World, you might expect to pay up to $60 a night.

A Word of Caution

It is highly advised to always stay in a campsite designated for RVs. Pulling off to the side of a deserted road or spending a night at a rest stop along the highway is not safe. Although some camper owners have spent the night in retail store parking lots, this can be dangerous.

Before You Travel

Ask yourself, before you take off on a trip in your RV, the following questions:

  • Do you need reservations? -- Some campsites book quickly, especially in peak seasons, so be sure to check. You would hate to expect to spend the night at a park only to find there was no vacancy.
  • Have you packed everything you need? -- Jot down items on a camping list so that you won't forget anything.
  • If traveling to Canada or Mexico, do you need a visa? -- Passengers in vehicles with US license plates do not need a visa for traveling through these bordering nations.
  • How many are traveling with you? -- You want to make sure every rider in your RV has access to a seat belt.
  • Would it be worth it to join a camper's club in order to save money on your campsite expenses? -- If you plan to sleep in your motorhome often, joining a club might pay off.

Ready to Go

A recreational vehicle is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful landscape across the country. Hopefully, your experiences will be rich and satisfying. Now that you are informed about prices for motorhomes at campsites, you are ready for your adventure. If you plan to do some hiking, pack your backpacking gear. Have fun!

Prices for Motorhomes at Campsites