7 Motorcycle Camping Tents You Should Consider

Camping with motorcycle tent

Bikers who enjoy camping will want to purchase a high quality motorcycle tent. These tents will not only keep yourself dry but also protect your bike from the elements.

Recommended Motorcycle Tents

Look for a tent that provides ample room for your bike, yourself, and your gear.

Lone Rider Motorcycle Tent

The Lone Rider MotoTent will fit one to two people once assembled as well as store your bike. It is recommended by numerous experts, including those at TopSpeed, The Broke Backpacker, and All Outdoors Guide, for its size, garage, ventilation, and simple set up. The company notes it was created by actual bikers, so you're sure to enjoy using this tent. However, a major downside is the cost; expect this tent to set you back around $600 for the latest version.

Ténéré Expedition Motorcycle Tent

The Ténéré Expedition Tent is similar to the Lone Rider MotoTent, but at a more affordable price point of just $400. It was featured in Wired where they point out the unique feature that allows you to set up the outer portion of the tent before you put together the inner one. This will protect you and the bike from weather elements. It will easily sleep two large people.

Big Agnes Big House With Vestibule

Recommended by Tent Mentor, this is a huge sleeping tent that, when combined with the matching vestibule, makes a great motorcycle camping tent. Even when combined with the vestibule, the entire outfit comes in around 15 pounds, which is a modest amount considering it will sleep between four and six people. It's 5 feet tall and around 8 feet wide but you're going to pay for that room, though not as much as you may expect. The tent costs around $370 and the vestibule is about $130, bringing you right around $500 for the entire outfit. Tent Mentor does mention that the height can sometimes be a liability depending on weather conditions.

Other Camping Shelters for Motorcyclists

When you're on the hunt for shelter during a camping vacation and tour on your bike, you'll want to keep the folded size, weight, and durability in mind. Additional options include:

  • Traditional backpacking tents - The best part of backpacking tents is the fact they are small and lightweight, leaving plenty of room on your bike for additional gear. However, you likely won't fit more than one person in them and they won't provide any protection for your motorcycle.
  • Camping trailers - A motorcycle camping trailer can be pulled with your bike. They tend to be more expensive and heavier for your bike to pull, which uses more gas. On the plus side, they will provide great protection from the elements.
  • Camping tent trailers - Just like the traditional trailer, these durable options are separate from the bike. The addition of the tent to the motorcycle trailer means that you have a small shaded area to park your bike if desired.
  • Bivouacs - The ultimate minimalist option, this is for single riders without much gear. The design is similar to a tent but with one major difference: you'll use the bike as part of the structure.

Getting the Most of Your Tent

No matter which tent you select, you'll want to follow a few tips to make the most of it. First, set the tent up several times prior to your trip and then take it down. This way you'll be able to do so quickly when needed. Second, bring a tent repair kit with your motorcycle camping equipment. If you get a rip or hole, you'll be thankful you're able to keep the bugs and rain out. Finally, use a few sturdy straps to secure the tent on the back of your bike and adjust to make sure the weight is evenly distributed. Once you've selected your tent, you're ready to ride wherever the wind takes you.

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7 Motorcycle Camping Tents You Should Consider