Motorcycle Camping Trailers: 4 Options to Consider

Bunkhouse Queen Camper
Bunkhouse Queen Camper

You don't have to use a full-size vehicle to go camping! With a motorcycle camping trailer, you can take to the highways on two wheels and still pitch a tent in any campground along the way. What a terrific way to enjoy the incredible beauty of the great outdoors!

Four Motorcycle Camper Trailers to Consider

The motorcycle campers described here are all designed to sleep two people. Note that you need to take the towing capacity of your motorcycle into consideration when shopping for one of these units. Be sure your motorcycle is powerful enough to tow any camper that you are considering.

Bunkhouse Queen

Bunkhouse has been designing compact pop-up camping trailers since the early 1970s, and their Queen model is ideally suited for those who enjoy motorcycle camping. According to a review, this trailer is easy-to-pull with a motorcycle (a Gold Wing was used for testing purposes), even on mountainous roads. It sets up quickly and easily too. The reviewer describes the set-up as "faster than a hotel check in."

  • Size: This pop-up camper weighs just 285 pounds. It is just under 9 feet long and just over 4 feet wide. It offers 1.7 cubic feet of storage and has a queen-size bed (hence the name of the model).
  • Colors: The body is available in your choice of white, gray or black. The tent fabric comes in navy or burgundy.
  • Base cost: The base price starts around $4,600. Carpet is included as a standard feature.
  • Add-ons: Numerous add-on features are available, including a canopy, cooler rack, clothes caddy and spare tire.
  • Dealers: You'll need to contact a dealer for exact pricing and to check one out for yourself.

Spitfire XT Motorcycle Tent Trailer

The Spitfire XT Motorcycle Tent Trailer from Freespirit is a great option for motorcyclists looking for a pop-up camping trailer with a smaller footprint than the Bunkhouse Queen. brags about this unit's outstanding storage capabilities. The tent is designed from all-season waterproof fabric and the poles can be raised to allow for extra head room if needed.

  • Size: This unit weighs 298 pounds and is just over 6.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide. It has storage capacity for nearly 350 pounds of gear.
  • Colors: Custom color matching is available, so you can get a unit that matches your bike perfectly.
  • Base cost: According to Crow Survival, the base cost is around $7,000.
  • Add-ons: You get a cargo lid so you can use it as a utility trailer when you don't need the tent. Solar panels and a power station (600 watts) can also be added-on.
  • Dealers: Use the online dealer locator to find the retailer closest to you.

Time Out Campers

Time Out Trailers, Inc. offers several models of pop-up camping trailers designed to be pulled with a motorcycle. Several members of the website report having positive experiences with this brand, indicating that it pulls well. As the video to the right indicates, these units can be set up quickly and easily, even by one person.

  • Size: Their mid-range Easy Camper model weights 320 pounds and is just over 8.6 feet long and is slightly under 4 feet wide. Its maximum cargo weight is 450 pounds.
  • Colors: The camper base is available in black and white. The tent is blue.
  • Base Cost: Prices range from just under $2,900 to just under $4,300, depending on model selected. The Easy Camper model ranges from $3,395 to $3,695 depending on wheel size.
  • Add-ons: Availability of add-ons varies by model. Some options include a cooler package, electric brakes, an LED light bar and more.
  • Dealers: You can order directly from the manufacturer or find a dealer in your area.

Moby1 C2 Camper

If you'd rather not have to deal with setting up a pop-up camper and you're okay with towing a taller unit, the Moby1 C2 camper is a great option for you to consider. describes this hard-side camper as "comfortable" and says that it is a "home away from home." One reviewer on said that he and his wife spent two straight weeks camping in a Moby1 C2 quite comfortably, and other reviewers note that it pulls well.

  • Size: This camper is just over 6.6 feet long and two widths are available - one is 4 feet wide and the other is just over 3.3 feet wide. The wider width weighs 320 pounds while the smaller model weighs 280.
  • Colors: The Moby1 is white with black and red trim.
  • Base Cost: The base price starts at $6,500. It comes with a door that locks and slider windows, standard features that the pop-up units can't provide.
  • Add-ons: Various add-ons are available, including cabinets, a stove and work area. You will need to provide the company with your email address to get a complete list of options.
  • Dealers: Moby1 does not have a dealer network. Customers must purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Finding a Used Motorcycle Camper

Of course, you don't have to purchase a brand new unit, or even a model that is currently available from the manufacturer. You just might get lucky and find a good-quality, previously owned unit that will serve you well in your travels for years to come, though it can be challenging to find these items for sale.

The blog points out that "a good used motorcycle camper can take months to locate." The blogger cautions against making purchase mistakes (such as making a sight-unseen purchase or taking whatever is available even if it doesn't really meet your needs). is a great place to look for used motorcycle campers, as is eBay. It's also a good idea to let local motorcycle and RV dealers know what you are looking for, as they may learn of opportunities that they can pass along to you. They may even let you post a "wanted" flyer at their location.

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Motorcycle Camping Trailers: 4 Options to Consider