Finding Kwik Kamp Motorcycle Camping Trailers

Kwik Kamp Motorcycle Trailer

Kwik Kamp motorcycle trailers have not been manufactured since 1999, so they are difficult to locate. The only way you'll find one is to purchase a previously owned model that is more than 15 years old.

Searching for Kwik Kamp Motorcycle Trailers

If you want a motorcycle camping trailer and are set on this particular model, you'll need to be prepared to do a thorough search. You may also need to be prepared to travel if you do find a Kwik Kamp unit. While you could get lucky and find one in your local area, for such a rare item it's more likely that you'll need to venture out of your immediate area to make a purchase.

Classified Sites

It's always a good idea to search websites where people post used items for sale any time you are shopping for second-hand equipment. Considering that you're looking for an item that is quite rare, it's probably also in your best interest to consider placing a 'wanted' ad in publications that are likely to be read by people looking to buy and sell motorcycle accessories.

  • A go-to resource for people looking to buy or sell used motorcycles, accessories and related equipment, is a great place to look for Kwik Kamp trailers for sale. You can run a nationwide search, look within a specific radius of any zip code or search by state. You can limit the search by specific makes and models, and also enter keywords to further refine your results.
  • This website has a page dedicated to used motorcycle camping trailers, and Kwik Kamp models have been know to show up in the listings here. You can list 'for sale' and 'wanted' ads to the site for no cost, submitting your listing directly via the website. Listings can have up to four pictures. If you decide to post a 'wanted' ad here, you will need to agree to the submission guidelines.
  • eBay: The online auction giant is a natural starting point to look for any hard-to-find-items, so it's only natural to check out what might be available on eBay. There are typically at least some motorcycle campers listed on the site at any given time, though, of course, whether or not you'll find a Kwik Kamp unit is a matter of chance and timing.

Forums for Motorcycle Camping Enthusiasts

Forums frequented by people who enjoy motorcycle camping are also a good option. You can sometimes find used equipment posted for sale in these forums, and you can also make a post asking other members if they know of any Kwik Kamp units that you might be able to purchase. There is no cost to participate in any of the forums listed here, and each is quite active. As with any forum, you'll need to comply with the terms of use.

  • BackRoads Motorcycle Campers: This forum is focused specifically on motorcycle camping, so it's a good place to connect with people who are knowledgeable about the activity and interested in learning more about it while helping other enthusiasts. Search to see if there are any Kwik Kamp models listed, replying to any posts that catch your interest, and start one of your own asking for advice locating one.
  • Motorcycle Tourer's Forum: This forum is also designed to meet the interests of those who love motorcycle camping. Within the message boards, there is a category focused specifically on bikes/accessories for sale. This is the best spot to check to see if you are going to be lucky enough to find a Kwik Kamp unit for sale here. You can also add topics or join in other conversations to get advice from other forum members.
  • This active forum is for Gold Wing 1800 riders, and there is a sub-group specifically focused on motorcycle camping. There are some posts focused on motorcycle campers available for sale, as well as others asking for advice related to purchasing used campers that can be towed behind a motorcycle.

Additional Suggestions

  • Motorcycle campgrounds may have boards where they will post 'wanted' flyers. If you'd like your message to be posted this way, contact campgrounds in the region you'll be willing to travel to make a purchase, and ask if they have such a board. If they do, find out the best way to get a flyer to them. Chances are that they'll tell you to either mail, email or fax details in order to have it posted. You can find motorcycle campgrounds by state at
  • Motorcycle camper dealers aren't likely to take Kwik Kamp trade-ins (just because they are so old at this point), but they may have customers who do try to trade such models. Dealers may also have a board where they allow people to post that they are selling or looking to purchase items that the dealer doesn't carry or won't take on trade. As with the motorcycle campgrounds, reach out to motorcycle camper dealers in your area and let them know what you're looking for. Ask if they can put your name on a list in case people come in looking to get rid of this type of item and see if they have a place where you could post a 'wanted' flyer. Start your search by identifying motorcycle dealers in the area where you're willing to travel, then finding out which ones carry camping trailers for bikes. The dealer locator page on is a good place to start.

Be Prepared for Reality

No matter how diligently you search, it may take a very long time to find one of these items - and, really, you may never come across one. If you put some time into your search without success, you may need to consider purchasing a different brand. There are plenty of motorcycle camping trailer options currently in production to consider.

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Finding Kwik Kamp Motorcycle Camping Trailers