An Expert's Guide to I-95: Everything It Can Offer You


Looking for an I-95 guide to help you on your next RV trip? Sandra Phillips-Posner and Stan Posner created such a guide with their book, Drive I-95 and were kind enough to share a few tips in the following interview. After eight weeks traveling together to research the book, they are true experts on I-95 and all it has to offer.

An I-95 Guide: Why Travel I-95

LoveToKnow's site editor was able to speak with Stan Posner about the joys of RV travel along I-95. What makes it so great and what are some tips to make it even more enjoyable? Stan Posner shares his thoughts on these questions.

Why is I-95 such a great place to travel in your RV? According to Stan, there are several reasons:

  • It is a major, multi-lane highway that is well maintained and kept clean in the winter.
  • There are many places to stop for food, shopping and just to have fun.
  • You'll find state welcome centers right on the road.
  • Plenty of rest areas are available for travelers.
  • There are lots of major cities as well as small towns to explore along the route.

I-95 is a long travel route that would take quite some time to explore in its entirety. It is 1852 miles long with 651 exits.

When asked how difficult it is to find RV friendly campgrounds along I-95, Stan's response was, "Soooo easy, as we have listed over 80 campgrounds from Boston to Florida which are mainly less than six miles from an exit. All have phone numbers, distance from exit, directions how to get there and number of camp sites. We have not done New Hampshire and Maine yet."

Clearly, this alone makes the book the perfect I-95 guide for RV travelers.

Things to Do

Stan says I-95 is great for first time RVers as well because of all the campgrounds available and so much more.

"I-95 has everything any kind of traveler would want: attractions, farms, great food, shopping opportunities, amusement parks, museums, water fun and nature."

It is also near some great destinations. New York City and Washington DC are good places because you can leave your RV as the campsite and use public transportation. A great perk if you don't want to deal with traffic or parking issues. There are also campgrounds near many small cities, each with lots of fun activities to offer. Here are a few that Stan and Sandra recommend:

  • New London, CT--Free Submarine Museum
  • Fredricksburg, VA--Learn about leeches and how they were used medically during Colonial times
  • Smithfield, NC--Shopping and antiques
  • Fayetteville, NC--Watch paratroopers jumping
  • Florence, SC--Mister Mark's Fun Park, Redbone Alley
  • Santee, SC--Sleep in 12-sided cabin on top of Lake Marion, eat in Lone Star BBQ
  • Walterboro, SC--Antiques and doll museum
  • Savannah, GA--Roundhouse museum, first African American church, and lots more
  • St. Augustine, FL--White alligators
  • Daytona, FL--See the original Coke bottle or tour the speedway, drive on the beach
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL--Fishing Hall of Fame, Boomers amusement park


If you have pets, bring them along! There are plenty of places that welcome them. Stan mentioned how his book is helpful to pet owners as well."We have included over 400 pet friendly motels in our guide. The phone numbers for all of the 80 or so campgrounds are listed so you can call ahead to plan your trip. Even if you haven't planned ahead, as you drive along the road, you can see where the next campgrounds are located on the maps and make last minute plans."

Tips for Traveling I-95


Here are some helpful tips from Stan for anyone planning a trip along I-95:

  • Start your day after 9 a.m. to miss rush hour traffic.
  • Plan something fun each day so your family has something to look forward to: swim with sharks, see a marine's daily life, kayak in a zoo, lunch at an ice skating rink, wrap a boa constrictor around your neck, go go-carting, take a segway tour, lunch with an astronaut
  • Sleep at Fairwinds Farm in Maryland, a horse farm and B&B where you can go riding or just enjoy all the animals.

"There is so much fun and yummy food (Awful Awfuls, rock shrimp, tomato pie, fried clams, fried green tomatoes, frozen custard, chocolate covered popcorn, butter toasted pecans, Brunswick stew, pork chop sandwich, raspberry limeades, Polish hot dogs with the works sauce, heath bar canolis) on the road if you read ahead and plan your days."

Adds Stan, "Road trips are the vacations that you remember for a lifetime. Hit the road!"

Plan Your Trip

If you're planning to take a trip along I-95, first you'll need your I-95 guide. Drive I-95 is the perfect guide with all the stops, attractions and campgrounds listed for your easy reference. You can get it before your trip or you can purchase it along the route. The Posner's website lists places where you can find your copy.

Then, be sure to check out Drive, the Posner's website. There you'll find more tips on how to use the guide, photos of their adventures and even special travel information that will help you plan your trip such as gas prices and weather information. Together, the Posner's have provided everything you need for the best RV trip you have ever had. All you need to do is supply the RV and your sense of adventure.

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An Expert's Guide to I-95: Everything It Can Offer You