Expandable Camping Trailers: Models That May Work for You

Expanding camping trailers provide additional living space.

Expandable camping trailers are a hybrid type of camping vehicle that expands to offer more room than a typical comparable size standard trailer. An expanding trailer is typically a hard sided trailer with pop out ends, much like folding camping trailers.

Expandable RV Makes and Models

A number of companies make expandable travel trailers. Here are a few of the most popular makes and models.

Rockwood Roo

Standard features of this popular expandable camper include solid wood and raised panel doors and drawers, directional reading lights, bunk fan-light combo with each bed, bathroom skylight, large dinette picture window, and more. To find a dealer near you that sells either used or new Rockwood Roo campers, visit the Forest River website.

Starcraft AR-ONE

If you're searching for an expandable camper that can be towed behind most SUV's and even mini-vans, then the AR-ONE might just be the camper for you. It is lightweight but features an expandable floor plan. Look for new and used Starcraft campers at Peco Camping.

Salem Cruise Lite

Standard features of the Salem Cruise Lite camper made by Forest River includes a three-burner cooktop, mini blinds, water heater by-pass, single door refrigerator and more. Visit Couch's RV Nation website for a nice selection of new and used expandable campers.

Flagstaff Shamrock

If comfort, convenience, and functionality are what you crave in an expandable camper, then you'll want to check out the Flagstaff Shamrock. Standard features include an exterior shower, foot flush toilets, bathroom skylight, indoor/outdoor table, and more. Search for new and used campers at Wilkins RV, Inc.

What to Look For When Choosing Your RV

Here is a list of things to look for when buying an expandable recreational vehicle.

  • Fit: If the camping trailer you are looking at will not fit into your garage or an available storage facility, you might want to look at a different option.
  • Towing: If the model you are looking at tows like a tank, you might want to check into other models.
  • Ease of Setup: You will want something that is fairly easy to set up. What fun is a vacation if you spend hours setting up and taking down your trailer?
  • Comfort: This is one of the most important things to think about when looking at trailers. If you are not comfortable on vacation, why take one?
  • Style: While most expandable RVs have sleeping areas that expand out from the hard body of the trailer, some expand up to take a shape similar to the capital letter T. Choose the style tht best fits your needs.

Expandable Camping Trailer Options

The typical options, heaters, air conditioning, and awnings, are available on almost any expandable camping trailer. A few other extras you might not have thought about include:

  • Satellite TV: With the growing popularity of satellite TV, many trailer manufacturers will install the wiring you need to hook up your satellite.
  • Bathrooms: Gone are the days of not using your camping trailer bathroom to its full potential. Today the modern conveniences are almost as beautiful as the ones in your home. With a full shower and other bathroom facilities, you will not be forced to use the campground bathroom.
  • Kitchens: The new camping trailer kitchens have more of the things you're used to at home. You can get the refrigerator with a coordinating panel to match your cabinets, or even a stainless steel appliance package. Have a dishwasher installed into your camping trailer at the factory, enabling you most of the modern conveniences you're used to at home.
  • Stereo: Many manufacturers install a stereo system into their camping trailers. This will allow you to hear your favorite music in any room or outside of the trailer, without having to turn the volume up so high that it disturbs the campers around you.

Is an Expandable Travel Trailer Right for You?

If you're looking for a family-sized camping trailer or something small that will get to remote areas, expandable camping trailers may be the right choice. They can give you the size you need when parked, yet remain compact during travel.

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Expandable Camping Trailers: Models That May Work for You