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Summer holiday in a Rv with a canoe

For many nature lovers, trailer and RV camping are the only way to travel the outdoors. Certainly, it is a growing recreational activity, heading off on the open road with all the creature comforts of home. For some, trailer and RV camping is a way to enjoy the outdoors in style. For others, it is a substitute for motels or hotels, allowing you to take long road trips exploring a variety of typical vacation and travel hot spots without the expense and hassle of staying in a rented room. Before you put the pedal to the metal and hit the road, be sure to know everything there is about trailer and RV camping.

Types of Recreational Vehicles to Consider

If you are looking to buy an RV as a vacation investment or rent one for a fun-filled family adventure, you will be sure to run into countless options. The process of which vehicle to choose can feel overwhelming, and it is crucial to know the basics regarding the types of RV's and trailers commonly found on the market.

  • Travel Trailer - Travel trailers get pulled behind a vehicle. Once campers arrive at their destination, they can utilize the trailer.
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer - Fifth-wheel trailers function with the same concept as a travel trailer, but they are larger and often have sleeping space over the cab.
  • Lightweight Trailer - These vehicles tend to be smaller and more efficient but still allow campers to carry all they need and tow it behind a detachable vehicle.
  • Toy Haulers - These trailers offer sleeping space and space to keep all of your favorite toys.
  • Expandable Trailers - Expandable trailers pop up, pull out, and essentially become something new and useful for campers once they reach their destination.
  • Class C Motorcoach - Class C motorcoaches are smaller, drivable vehicles that look like a cross between an oversized tan and a trailer. They have a sleeping space above the driver's area and contain a wide range of features that make travel easy.
  • Class B Motorcoach - Class B motorcoaches are larger than Class C vehicles but are still relatively compact. They typically have the useful amenities of home campers might expect, like a tiny kitchen area, sleeping space, and a bathroom.
  • Class A Motorcoach - Class A motorcoaches are the largest recreational vehicles on the market and often the most expensive and luxurious ones money can buy. They are essentially homes on wheels and are ideal for travelers who like to camp for extended periods of time all over the country.
Summer scene with camper trailer by the lake

RV Must-Haves

When taking your trip on the road via recreational vehicle, know your absolute must-haves. Use a checklist or two to help you stay organized and ensure that nothing crucial gets left behind. Some supplies that you will surely want to pack into your RV might include:

  • Wheel chocks and levelers (a rolling camper or a camper on uneven ground is never a good thing)
  • An extension cord
  • Camping chairs and a folding table
  • Some shade screened space, or shelter for outdoor cooking and living
  • A coffee pot or kettle
  • A fire extinguisher and a first aid kit
  • Plenty of travel games and activities to keep everyone busy come rainy camping days
  • A broom and a floor mat (a clean camper is a happy camper ya'll!)

Perks to RV Camping

There are tons of ways to take on camping, including van camping, tent camping, and of course, trailer and RV camping. Camping via trailer or RV comes with many benefits and perks to the campers themselves.

  • The upfront cost to RV camping is no joke, but vacations are never again pricey after the initial purchase.
  • Pet lovers can easily bring their furbabies along on holidays.
  • They include creature comforts of home while allowing travelers to be one with nature still.
  • You'll never wake up soaking wet after a night of camping again.
  • If your RV has a bathroom, late-night treks to the communal lavatory are no more.
  • Doors and windows lock, keeping everyone inside the RV safe.
  • RVs made camping comfortable and easy during hot summer days and cold and wintery weeks.
  • RVs often have privacy and division of space within them, perfect for families who love to hang out but need some space now and again.
Motor home on the road

See the Country With a Home on Wheels

The greatest benefit to RV life is that you can make home wherever you land. Take your RV out to sunny Big Bear for a week or drive it to a Yellowstone National Park campground and take in the natural wonders found there. Hit the road and do some RV camping in the heart of honky-tonk country or hunker down and get cozy in the colder Massachusetts months. With a reliable RV and solid knowledge of how to camp, the world truly becomes your oyster.

All About Trailer and RV Camping