8 Canaan Valley Hiking Trails to Consider for Your Next Trek

Hiking the Canaan Valley

Canaan valley hiking trails are located in some of the most beautiful areas of West Virginia. Whether your trip is for snow skiing, shopping, or you are just driving through, take advantage of what these West Virginia trails have to offer.

Canaan Valley Hiking Trails

One of the most popular destinations is the Canaan Valley State Park. This park offers resort style accommodations along with wooded campsites. The big draw for hikers is the Nature Center which hosts guided nature walks each day except during the summer and is perfect for families or novice hikers. This park is located in the heart of the Canaan valley and is a starting point for many day hikers.

Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge is another spot that draws thousands of visitors each year. This 16,000+ acre refuge is open every day from an hour before sunrise to an hour after sunset and has over 30 miles of hiking trails. Though hunting is prohibited without a license, photography and general wildlife observation is encouraged along on the hiking trails. Some of the trails also allow biking and horseback riding so make sure you wear reflective clothing if you are hiking at dawn or dusk to prevent accidents.

Allegheny Trail is also known as the Allegheny Highlands Trail and is along the original railroad trails from the 1880s. The full trail is nearly 25 miles in length and covers both asphalt and crushed stone roads. Depending on the weather, many visitors choose to bike, inline skate or cross country ski and much of the trail is wheelchair accessible in the spring and summer months.

Blackwater Canyon Rail Trail is a 10 mile trail used by both hikers and bikers. The trail includes a beautiful view of the canyon along with restored coke ovens and stone bridges. This trail was part of the original train rails and still has some of the best views in West Virginia.

Camp 70 Trail is a traditional trail that is a good start for many hikers and bikers. The 10 mile trail is relatively flat with little elevation which makes it easy to navigate. Because the trail follows a ridge, hikers are able to see down into the valley and there are also spots along the way specifically designated as optimal viewing areas.

Canaan Loop Trail is a 22 mile hike that encompasses much of the Canaan Valley. This trail takes you in a winding loop along the top of Canaan Mountain so in addition to spectacular views, you don't cover the same part of the trail twice.

Dobbins House Trail offers a short four mile hike along the top of a reclaimed mine. Mostly used by cross country skiers, this trail has many areas to stop and explore and is short enough for even beginning hikers to enjoy.

Mozark Mountain Trail is not for beginners but offers some towering views once you reach the top. The 13.4 mile hike requires a 2000 elevation climb during the last seven miles. Most of the hike is along forest roads and the terrain may be uneven, so make sure you keep an eye on the trail in addition to the scenery.

Railroad Grade Trail is a four mile dirt trail open to hikers, bikers and cross country skiers. The trail is located in the Canaan mountain area of the Momomgahela National Forest and runs along original railroad lines.


Regardless of which Canaan Valley hiking trails you choose, make sure to include sunscreen and enough water. Most of these trails are regularly traveled during the summer months but fall and winter use is much less and you don't want to be caught without the proper supplies.

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8 Canaan Valley Hiking Trails to Consider for Your Next Trek