9 Campfire Cooking Equipment Essentials for Delicious Meal-Making

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Campfire Cooking Gadgets


Are you looking forward to enjoying delicious meals during your next camping trip? Be sure to pack the right type of campfire cooking equipment for the types of meals that you are planning to prepare.

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Campfire Tripod

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If you plan to cook soup, stew, or any other type of one pot meal over an open fire, a campfire tripod is a must have accessory for your next camping trip. This piece of equipment allows you to safely and easily position a kettle at the ideal height over your campfire.

Quad Pod Campfire Grill

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If you take your campfire cooking seriously and are looking for a gadget you can use as a grill and a holder for your pots, the Quad Pod Campfire Grill might be the perfect choice for you.

Rotisserie and Spit Grill

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If you love the taste of rotisserie cooked chicken or other foods, consider adding an open fire rotisserie and spit grill to your collection of camping supplies.

Cast Iron Cookware

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Cast iron cookware is an ideal choice for those who enjoy cooking in the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy cooking on a grill or over an open campfire, this versatile item is a great choice. Cast iron pots and Dutch ovens are perfect outdoor cooking vessels for baked beans, side dishes, and main courses that require simmering. Frying pans made from cast iron are great for frying bacon and eggs over an open fire.

Coleman Camp Cooker

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A hinged camp cooker is a terrific tool for preparing toast or grilled cheese sandwiches over an open campfire.

Camping Fork

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If you plan to enjoy the company of your friends and family members while roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over an open fire, be sure to include several camping forks in your stockpile of campfire cooking equipment and supplies.

Long Handled Grill Basket

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A long handled grill basket is a terrific tool for cooking both meats and vegetables over a campfire.

Campfire Building Supplies


Of course, before you can cook on a campfire you will first need to build one. Be sure that you have access to plenty of dry wood and a supply of matches or some other type of fire starter.

More Camping Meal Tips


Looking for more ideas to help you get ready to prepare meals in the great outdoors? See Food To Bring Camping and Recipes for Food to Take Camping for inspiration!

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9 Campfire Cooking Equipment Essentials for Delicious Meal-Making