Live Beach Cams: Explore Nature Around the World in Real Time

Sunset at Venice Beach

Beach cams let you check out the beach before you head off on your next adventure. Not only will the camera give you a glimpse of the scenery, it can also help you decide what to pack! What follows is a listing of beach cams from around the world. Note that many of these cameras are turned off overnight, and many suffer temporary outages due to constant exposure to the weather.

West Coast Beach Cams

Even if you can't make it to the glory of California, these beach cams can make you feel like you made the trip.

  • Newport Pier, Newport Beach, California - Here you'll four different views of Newport Beach. These include shots from 56th Street, 36th to 40th Street, The Wedge and Newport Pier. The shots update every three minutes, so you may need to refresh your screen occasionally to update.
  • Hermosa Beach, California - This camera shows a westward view of Hermosa Beach near The Strand and Pier Avenue, and the view updates about every 10 seconds.
  • Ventura Point, California - Known locally as C Street, this beach is located between the Crowne Plaza and Ventura's Seaside Park. You'll get a 30-second, live view, and then you'll need to refresh your screen if you want to continue watching.

East Coast Beaches

The east can be sunny and bright or stormy and turbulent. Let these beach cams help you pick where you take your next dip.

Belmar Beach, New Jersey; copyright Andrew Kazmierski at
  • Daytona Beach - This is a view of Daytona Beach in Florida. The camera is perched on the lifeguard station at the Dunlawton approach in Daytona Beach Shores, so you're getting the same view as the lifeguards do.
  • New Smyrna Beach - This camera offers live coverage of the beach in New Smyrna, Florida. The view is from the lifeguard station located near the Flagler Avenue entrance to the beach.
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Boardwalk - This is the view of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware and the adjacent boardwalk. The camera is located near the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel. The view updates every few seconds.
  • Boothbay Harbor, Maine - Here you have the option to take a look at different areas of Boothbay Harbor in Maine. There are four stationary camera views and two live cameras, one of which you can control.
  • Hampton Beach, New Hampshire - Just click on this camera view to get live images of Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. The camera switch views to several areas so you can see what's going on all around the adjacent area.
  • Rockaway Beach, New York - You can get a 30-second, live view of Rockaway Beach at Beach 90th Street. After that, you must either refresh your screen or consider buying a membership.

Gulf Coast Beaches

You are almost guaranteed warmth any time of year at these beaches! Take in the view with a beach cam from the comfort of your family room.

  • Gulf Shores, Alabama - See the beach from four different locations, including Homeport Marina and The Pink Pony Pub. You'll need a plug in to use the cameras, but the BamaBeachCams website offers easy downloads.
  • Fort Myers Beach, Florida - Catch the scenic view from Diamondhead Beach Resort and Spa. This cam offers a continuous live stream.
  • St George Island, Florida - Check out the weather at St. George Island just off the coast of Florida's panhandle. As soon as webcam page opens, refresh your computer screen to see the current conditions.
  • Panama City Beach, Florida - This camera shows the view from Thomas Drive in Panama City. Just refresh your screen for updates.

Hawaiian Beach Cams

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii; copyright Boreccy at

More and more vacationers are taking the camping route to save money and truly experience the beauty of the Hawaiian landscapes.

  • Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - You can check out the view of Hawaii's most famous beach in Honolulu. Cams are mounted at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, the Moana Surfrider Resort and Spa, and the Royal Hawaiian Resort, among others.
  • Rocky Point, Hawaii - Take a look at the surf at Rocky Point on Oahu. Refresh you screen for the most current view.

Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean is famous for its lovely beaches. Check out these hot spots.

Beaches from Around the World

Here's a quick look at some beaches across the globe.

  • Perth, Australia - Take a look at eight different spots in Perth, including Trigg Beach, City Beach and Swanbourne, among others. The cameras are live during daylight hours.
  • Jericho Beach, Vancouver, Canada - This camera gives you a northern view of the beach. The shot updates every ten minutes, but only during the daytime.
  • Fistral Beach, United Kingdom - Located in Newquay, this cam is situated in Pintire Head and offers a northerly view of the beach.

Plan a Future Vacation Destination

If you really like what you see at one of these beaches, think bigger. Sure, you can use the cam to let you know what conditions are like today, but you can also use the view to help you find your next vacation spot. If a particular beach really appeals to you, start checking for nearby hotels and other attractions in the area, and then plan a vacation getaway.

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Live Beach Cams: Explore Nature Around the World in Real Time