Finding the Right Ice Fishing Shelter: From Portable to Homemade

Ice Fishing

When you spend time out on the open ice, a backpack ice fishing shelter is essential so you can weather the elements as you enjoy waiting for the fish to bite. While ice fishing houses are permanent, ice fishing shelters easily fold, are compact, and can be transported along with your backpacking gear.

The Importance of a Backpack Ice Fishing Shelter

A portable fishing shelter, light enough to carry in a backpack, is similar to a tent. It is made of durable and flame-resistant material. This shelter helps the fisherman with the following conditions:

  • Protects the fisherman from winter weather
  • Protects his eyes from sun glare
  • Provides warmth
  • Keeps fishing holes from icing

Types of Shelters

There are a variety of ice fishing shelters, and you need to keep in mind that not all of them are lightweight enough to carry on your back. Some weigh over one hundred pounds. To help you as you plan for your ice fishing adventure, the shelters on the market today are classified as:

  • Folding - This is a lightweight, aluminum frame shelter, with an easy and quick set-up.
  • ATV Mounted - For those owning an all-terrain vehicle, this shelter attaches to back of your ATV.
  • Portable, but heavy - The Frabill Predator Portable Shelter is one example of this type of shelter, and it sells for about $700. It sets up quickly and folds easily, but a sled is needed in order to transport its 153 pounds.
  • Flip-over - This style has a base that is like a tub or a sled. Setting it up requires you to flip it over onto its base. Then, the sides are constructed. Some models have room inside for a portable heater.
  • Homemade - Just as the word states, these models are custom-made in one's home for the purpose of taking out onto the lake for fishing. There are various plans on the Internet, or ways to order plans for creating shelters. Sometimes the shelters made at home work just as well as the products on the market.

Where to Purchase Fishing Shelters

If you want to order a backpack ice fishing shelter online, here are some to choose from:

At a cost of $100, Sportsman's Guide has the Nature Vision Pak Shack, a one-person shelter with a chair. It includes these features:

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Comfortable chair with armrests and cup holders
  • Spacious for one person
  • Plastic window and a door that zips
  • Folds to fit inside the trunk of a car
  • Lightweight to carry

Frabill Recon Portable Ice Shelter is a little heavier at 32 pounds, but still able to serve as a portable fishing shelter. It includes these features:

  • Durable material
  • Has reflectors so that others can see where you are at night
  • Easy to set-up and fold
  • Compact enough to fit inside a car's trunk

Four Seasons has a few new products including the Quickfish III Deluxe. This is a three-person shelter with the following features:

  • Easy to tote at only 23 pounds
  • Quick set-up and fold down
  • Comes with a backpack carrying case
  • Reflectors
  • Ice anchors
  • Tie-off rope

The Quickfish I is also available at Four Seasons and has these features:

  • Sets up quickly
  • Roomy for one
  • Three view windows
  • Grommets to keep the shelter's skirt from flapping in the wind
  • Easy car storage
  • Weighs only 15 pounds

Enjoy the Outdoors

Load up your fishing shelter, rods, bait, tackle, and chisels and prepare to head outdoors for your ice fishing adventure. You may want to consider purchasing a made-for-fishing backpack to carry all your fishing essentials. This way, you will have special compartments for each of your supplies. Be safe, catch lots of fish, and stay warm!

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Finding the Right Ice Fishing Shelter: From Portable to Homemade