Arkansas Hiking Trails

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Arkansas hiking trails offer a wide range of outdoor activities for novice hikers to experienced wilderness survivalists. Whether you want to spend a leisurely afternoon walking a trail or head deep into the woods for a backpacking adventure, Arkansas has more than enough to satisfy your need for fun in the outdoors.

Arkansas Outdoors

Before you head to the great outdoors, familiarize yourself with all that Arkansas has to offer. State parks abound, and each one offers a unique outdoor perspective. From short paths through the woods to long hikes that lead straight to breathtaking waterfalls, you can find somewhere to go that suits your hiking needs. If you aren't familiar with the trails available in Arkansas, purchase a guidebook from your local parks and recreation site or go online for tips and advice. Check out conservation organizations in the state as well.

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List of Arkansas Hiking Trails

The list of Arkansas hiking trails is numerous, but the following is a selection of trails that can be found in each region of the state.

Northwest Region

  • Ozark Highland Trail-This is an easy to difficult trail located in the Ozark National Forest that allows camping and dogs. Often rated one of the top hiking trails in the country, the Ozark Highland Trail is 165 miles long one way.
  • Sylamore Creek Trail-This is another trail located in the Ozark National Forest that allows camping and dogs. A relatively short trail of approximately 13 miles, it winds along a creek offering breathtaking views.
  • Redding/Spy Loop-If you want to experience waterfalls in the Ozark National Forest, this 13 mile, moderate trail is a good choice. Camping and dogs are allowed.
  • Buffalo River Trail-Located along the Buffalo National River, this moderate 15 mile trail allows camping but no dogs.

East Region

  • Bear Creek Loop-Located in St. Francis National Forest, this one mile, easy trail offers beautiful venues with little effort.
  • Post Bayou Natural Trail-Another easy one mile trail, this trail winds between the Post Bayou and the Arkansas River.
  • Delta View Trail-Located at Cane Creek State Park, Delta View Trail is a little over two miles long and is rated easy to moderate.
  • Dancing Rabbit Trail-Located in Crowley's Ridge State Park, this easy to moderate trail is a little less than two miles long. With several interconnecting loops and two swinging bridges, you'll find this trail offers a fun and versatile adventure for those who want to take a pleasant afternoon hike.

Southwest Region

  • Ouachita Trail-Located in Ouachita National Forest, this trail offers a wide range of hiking trails, from easy to difficult. The trail is 222 miles long, and depending upon the area in which you hike, you can see gorgeous views, springs, rock gardens, and more.
  • Eagle Rock Loop-This is another trail located in Ouachita National Forest. It's rated easy to difficult and is over 26 miles long. Camping, dogs, and horses are allowed at this trail.
  • Black Fork Mountain Wilderness Trail-Also located in Ouachita National Forest, this moderate to difficult trail is a little over 11 miles long and allows camping and dogs. The trail is known for its black bear population as well.

River Valley Region

  • Mt. Magazine Trail-Located in the Ozark National Forest, this 14 mile trail allows you access to the highest point in Arkansas and is approximately 14 miles in length. Camping and dogs are allowed, and there is bicycle access on a portion of the trail as well.

The above is just a sampling of the Arkansas trails that are available to the public. For more information about hiking trails in Arkansas, visit

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Arkansas Hiking Trails