Aluminum Camping Tables: Styles and Buying Options

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When you're camping out, you'll want to hunker down and eat at some point, and that's why an aluminum camping table could be your best friend. It's better than balancing a plate (paper or otherwise) on your knee and holding a beer with one hand. Plus, having your own table will save you the trouble of looking for a picnic table somewhere on-site. If you've ever gone camping without a table, you know the merit of finding a way to keep ants out of your feast.

Aluminum Camping Table Styles

Once you decide you need to take a look, you'll find that there are several different styles of aluminum camping tables available. For a specific example, check out the picture at Most of them fold for easy storage and carrying, but what about the options? Do you need panels? A cooler? A grill stand? Then there are the sets with matching chairs, great for those who don't already have a few camping chairs in storage and ideal for family camping trips. You can sit around comfortably and talk while you eat, good luck getting to bed at a decent hour.

With the portability, stability, and ways of making your family hang out together, the news just couldn't get better, huh? Yes, actually, it can! Tables aren't normally cheap. Aluminum ones designed for camping, though, are.

Pick One Out

  • The Roll Top Table from Mountain Summit Gear is a prime choice for tagging along on your camping trips. Easy to carry, assemble, and disassemble, this table has steel legs and an aluminum top. Get it for about $100. As of right now, you can get free shipping.
  • Check out Houzz for their Folding Picnic Table. It seats four and has an umbrella hole, although it doesn't come with its own umbrella. It's made of lightweight aluminum and steel, and it folds up into a suitcase style for easy travel. Surprisingly inexpensive, this set-up is only about $65.
  • If you want to bring your dining room to the wild outdoors, consider the ALPS Mountaineering Regular Dining Table. It is 28 inches wide and 43 inches long, so it holds more food than the average table!
  • A little bit of luxury in the great outdoors goes a long way. The Rolling Cooler Table comes with two folding stools and can make you feel right at home by keeping your drinks cold and handy. It runs about $65, which isn't a lot to pay for so much convenience.

The Bottom Line

If you're a camping novice, you're going to want to keep things easy on yourself. Using a table may be your sanity's saving grace in a weekend of tent mishaps, getting lost, improvisation, and more. At least you can eat in peace if you take along an easy-to-use aluminum camping table. If you're an old pro, you either have it all figured out without the table or you may be in the market for a new one with additional features. By now, you surely know the importance of a weatherproof, waterproof, and heat-resistant table. Aluminum will offer you just what you need in a lightweight, portable form. Once you're past all the basics, you can check out the options for a grill stand, extra chairs, folding vs. roll-up tables, coolers, and more. It's nice to have everything in one place. It's even nicer when it's easy to carry.

Consider where you're going, how many people will be there (to help you carry equipment and to eat), and the functions you need your table to perform. You're sure to find the perfect table at an affordable price. The variety of camping tables is phenomenal and the prices are far from outrageous.

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Aluminum Camping Tables: Styles and Buying Options