Places to Find Airstream Parts

Vintage Airstream

Even though Airstream travel trailers and motor homes have a reputation for being top quality recreational vehicles, parts may wear out and have to be replaced from time to time. There are a number of places where you can find replacement parts for Airstream RVs.

Find a Nearby Airstream Dealer

If you are looking for parts manufactured specifically for use on Airstream recreational vehicles, start your search by looking for RV companies in your area that belong to the Airstream Dealer Network. Only companies that belong to this network are authorized to distribute products and parts made by Airstream. Visit the dealer locator page on the company's website and enter details about your location (city and state, province, or zip code) to find companies near your location.

Examples of Airstream Parts Dealers

There are many Airstream dealers located throughout the U.S. and other countries, as well as other RV supply stores that carry aftermarket parts and equipment that can be used on this type of RV.

High Sky RV Parts

Based in Long Branch, Washington High Sky RV Parts describes itself as "the #1 supplier for Airstream parts." The carry parts for newer models, and also offer a broad selection of reproduction parts that will meet the needs of people who have restored (or are in the process of restoring) a vintage Airstream. They will ship parts anywhere (shipping charges apply), and are open to helping people locate hard-to-find parts. Their website states, "If you don't see what you need here, give us a call to put in a request."Submit their online contact form or call 253-831-5429 for help finding the parts you need.

Bayer RV

Located in Dublin, Texas, just outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Bayer RV service center carries a wide selection of parts for newer Airstream travel trailers and motor homes. The site does not have a working online shopping cart, but you can find out if your part is available and check pricing by calling 800-859-9205 or by submitting the contact us form on the company's website.

Inland RV Center

Located in Corona, California, Inland RV Center carries an extensive selection of parts for Airstream recreational vehicles, including modern and vintage models. Henschen Industrial named the company as "exclusive national distributors for 20 years and older Airstream & Argosy axles," so they are a great resource for major restoration projects. You can view the company's parts inventory online. Pricing information provided on the website does not include the shipping and handling fee. When you are ready to order, or if you are looking for a part that you don't see on the website, call 800-877-7311 between 7 am and 4 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Out-of-Doors Mart

Based in Colfax, North Carolina, Out-of-Doors Mart claims to be the "longest running Airstream dealership in the world". This company has a true online shopping cart system that even includes a "no longer available" category for discontinued parts. You can place items in your shopping cart and purchase directly from the website. You will be able to select a shipping method when you check out, and the system will calculate applicable charges. If you create a free account, any items placed in your shopping cart will still be there when you log back in after leaving the site. This feature makes it convenient to select what you are looking for yet continue to shop around until you are certain that you are ready to purchase.

Woodland Travel Center

Repairing travel trailer axle

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Woodland Travel Center RV superstore is a great place to look shop for parts for your camper. They offer online sales of a wide variety of "genuine Airstream parts and accessories," and also have an in-store parts department. You can even submit a request for expert assistance locating hard-to-find items via their online parts request form.

In addition to selling new and used models, this company also does Airstream restorations. So, it stands to reason that they have the inside scoop on helping customers source parts for vintage models in addition to newer units.

Profile State Line Superstore

If you're based in or traveling through the northeastern part of the U.S., Profile State Line Superstore is a great resource for Airstream parts. They have locations in Lebanon, Maine and Nashua, New Hampshire. While they don't offer online parts sales, you can visit the stores to purchase a wide variety of new replacement parts for your recreational vehicle.

Reach Out to the Airstream Community

In addition to shopping for the Airstream parts that you need with companies that sell recreational vehicle parts and supplies, you may also find it beneficial to visit forums and classified advertising sites frequented by Airstream owners. This can be particularly beneficial if you are looking for parts to restore a vintage Airstream or if you are interested in purchasing second hand items to make the repairs that your camper needs. is a great place to look for items that individuals have for sale as well as hard-to-find items that parts brokers or dealers are advertising to an airstream-specific market. You can also sometimes luck in to finding parts for sale on the AirForums website. It's definitely a good idea to join and monitor the conversation, as well as to jump in and ask other users for suggestions on where you should look to find the particular parts you need.

Build a Relationship With Your Dealer

Once you've found a parts dealer that has the parts and supplies you need, go to them first each time you have an issue. Building a relationship with the dealer helps get you the parts you need quickly.

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Places to Find Airstream Parts