ATV Tent Trailers: What Your Options Look Like

ATV Tent Trailer

ATV tent trailers are a versatile and compact solution for campers who want to sleep comfortably while in the great outdoors. Since more and more people go camping every year, campgrounds are often crowded. With a tent trailer, you don't have to get stuck going to a campground where the hustle, bustle, and congestion are no better than in the city. A tent trailer can be towed behind your ATV or motorcycle easily, and can just as easily be taken to your favorite destination under a starry sky in the middle of nowhere.

Tent Trailer Options

Many options are currently available to customize your tent trailer, including different color options for the trailer and the tent, tire size, and interior color. If you have an idea for your tent trailer, many manufacturers are willing to customize your purchase whenever possible.

Other options available are fuel/water can holders, a leg kit that uses a panel of the trailer to make a table, and racks to strap your cooler securely to the trailer. Some trailer designs are now being fitted with sinks and other amenities that weren't possible just a few years ago.

You should also check with several ATV trailer manufacturers before making a purchase to see what other options may help make your outdoor adventure more enjoyable. Popular ATV tent trailers include:

  • Jumping Jack Trailers: With features like space for two ATVs, 96 square. ft. of tent space, water-sealed wood deck, and more, Jumping Jack trailers are a great choice for the avid outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Spudbug: Equipped with a cooler and water containers and large enough to accommodate two adults, the Spudbug is a great tent trailer option. Other optional features include a heater, fan, and even a shower attachment.

ATV Tent Trailer Design

Not only can these tent trailers be towed behind your ATV, some can also be towed behind your vehicle and will also haul your ATV to the camping spot, like the Jumping Jack Trailers. While in its trailer form, this type of tent trailer has a solid surface to haul ATV's or anything else you want to bring on your adventure. This can come in very handy with all the camping related necessities requiring ample hauling space.

It should also be noted that these units have been specifically designed to withstand the rigors of rugged terrain while in transit to your remote camping location. Whether it is being towed behind your ATV or your SUV, you will make it there with a very comfortable place to sleep, or to just hang out in the beauty of the outdoors.

Tent Trailer Sizes

Different people will have different uses for ATV tent trailers. With that in mind, manufacturers have designed different sizes to sleep one person all the way up to six people comfortably. Of course, the larger the trailer is, the more expensive it will be.

Tent Trailer Set-Up and Take Down

Most of these types of trailers can be set up within minutes after removing the equipment on the top of the trailer. Some manufacturers offer power assisted tent set-up. This allows you to get a portion of the tent ready to go before a gas charged cylinder helps you lift the rest of the tent into place. This option makes it easier for older, nature loving campers to enjoy the wonders of a remote camping location without having to struggle to get the tent up.

Taking down the tent trailer is usually just as simple as putting it up. Everything is self-contained in ATV tent trailers. The tent poles and everything used in putting up and taking down the tent is stored directly in/on the trailer.


The versatility of this unique style of tent trailer has changed the way many people go camping. With this relatively new invention, you can use your ATV to haul the tent trailer to a more remote area than you could get to with your SUV or travel trailer. Or, you could use an SUV to haul your tent trailer to your regular camping place, while your ATV rides on top of the tent trailer. The possibilities are almost endless!

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