Fluorescent Lanterns: Reliable Options That Use AA Batteries

Camping lanterns

An ideal way to illuminate your outdoor adventure is to camp with an AA fluorescent lantern. These lanterns are handy to have in your home, garage, and car and the smaller sizes fit well in your backpacking gear.

Types of Fluorescent Lanterns

When looking for an AA fluorescent lantern, one of the biggest factors you will have to determine is the size of the lantern you wish to purchase. On the market today are lanterns ranging from pocket-size, retractable and large. They are all safe enough to use inside your tent. Some of these include:

Dual-Beam Nightlighter Flashlight - The beauty of this product is that you can use the beam in the front of the lantern to light your path ahead of you, and the light on the bottom edge to see where your feet are stepping. When the lantern is placed on a surface, it functions as a lantern, providing light for nighttime camping activities. This lantern offers other features, including:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Bulbs last thousands of hours
  • Ideal for repair jobs
  • Uses 3 AA batteries

4AA Pack-Away Lantern - At the Coleman website, you can peruse a number of lanterns that operate on AA batteries, including this convenient lantern. Some of the features include:

  • Compact, folds to small size for easy carrying and storing
  • Lightweight at only eight ounces
  • Has four settings from dim to bright
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Coleman Mini Pack-Away Lantern - This is for the camper who needs an even more compact lantern than the Pack-Away. Some of the Coleman Mini Pack-Away Lantern's impressive features are:

  • Easily portable
  • Shuts off automatically when in the closed position
  • Offers four hours of light
  • Uses four AA batteries
  • Cost is about $14.00

Coleman Companion Lantern - Able to function as a flashlight for easy-carrying, and also able to expand into a lantern for illuminating a large area, the Coleman Companion Lantern includes:

  • Two AA batteries
  • A durable nylon strap used to hold the lantern and carry it
  • An easy push-button on and off switch
  • A low price of under $14.00

Micro Fluorescent Pocket Lantern - This Coleman product is small enough to carry anywhere. It includes:

  • A handy strap so you can hang this light on a tree limb
  • A lighting radius of fifteen feet
  • Uses four AA batteries
  • Two color lighting
  • Amber light to keep insects far away
  • Durable, and able to handle getting wet
  • Can really fit inside your pocket
Lanterns brighten a tent

Mini Fluorescent Lantern - This is small enough to feel like a flashlight. Its features include:

  • Two AA batteries
  • Stands upright for lantern usage
  • Lightweight
  • Is only 16 centimeters in height; about eight inches
  • Easy even for a child to carry
  • Comes with hooks to mount on the wall

Lantern for Kids

As you shop for lanterns, purchasing one for your child may help him adjust easier to camping. Camping World has brightly colored Kid's Adventure Lanterns for about $10.00. These lanterns operate on four AA batteries and are a good choice for any child who can operate a push button switch.

AA Batteries

Your lantern may come with AA batteries. When these run out and you need to purchase more, keep in mind the various brands and what will suit your needs. Sometimes the least expensive batteries run out more quickly.

Investing in a battery recharger is a good plan. These handy devices cost between $10.00 and $20.00. However, not all AA batteries are able to be recharged, so make sure you buy the right type by carefully reading the label. Rechargeable batteries are made of nickel-cadmium, sometimes abbreviated as NiCd or NiCad, and will have one of these words written on the actual battery.

Get Ready to Camp

Now that you have your own AA fluorescent lantern, it is time to try it out at a campsite. Choose from a number of destinations, load up your sleeping bag, and enjoy your adventure. Don't forget the extra batteries!

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