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If you're a biker who enjoys camping, then it's certainly a good idea to consider investing in one of the available quality motorcycle tents. When you have one of these items, you'll be able to decide to head out for a weekend trip - or longer - on your bike any time you want without having to worry about the expense of finding a hotel room or cabin to stay in.

Motorcycle Camping Gear

Camping and motorcycle riding are two activities that often go hand in hand. Many people who own bikes and enjoy riding them for pleasure are also camping enthusiasts. Individual riders often enjoy heading off for a weekend ride through the countryside, and groups of bikers often combine riding outings with camping excursions.

There are many campgrounds designated just for bikers, as well as numerous options designated as "motorcycle friendly" in vacation and resort areas that appeal to motorcyclists, so it's not difficult to find places to indulge your enjoyment of riding and camping. The biggest challenge for bikers who enjoy camping isn't finding a place to go. Instead, the greatest difficulty is often acquiring and traveling with the necessary gear.

As with all types of camping, it's essential to have the right equipment before you set out on an outing that will involve spending the night in the great outdoors. For motorcyclists, size and weight are both important considerations when selecting tents and other camping gear. After all, no matter what type of bike you have, space is at a premium. The last thing you want to do when traveling on two wheels is to weigh your bike down unnecessarily with equipment that's entirely too bulky or heavy for the type of traveling that you will be doing. That's why it's essential for bikers to use motorcycle camping gear that is designed especially for their unique needs.

Finding Motorcycle Tents

There are a few different options for motorcycle tents. Depending on the area where you live, local bike stores in your area may carry tents that meet your needs, or they may be able to special order one for you. You can also order motorcycle tents online, from specialty motorcycle and outdoor equipment e-tailers, as well as from general online retailers like

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Two of the most popular motorcycle tents are:

  • - The BikerTent is designed especially to meet the needs of motorcyclists who enjoy camping, providing overnight shelter for the riders as well as the bike itself. This small, lightweight tent actually has two compartments; one for sleeping and one designed to serve as a parking space for your motorcycle. The two rooms are divided by a zipper flap so that campers can easily pass back and forth between the two spaces without going outside. The tent is all one piece and packs to a very small size that can easily be transported via motorcycle. It's available in a variety of colors and is very affordable. You can order directly from the BikerTent website.
  • Sportz X-treme Pac Tent - While this small tent doesn't have a parking area for your motorcycle, it is an excellent choice for bikers who are looking for a compact, quality tent that provides shelter for sleeping one or two people and is easy to carry. It's also a popular option for backpackers, individuals who enjoy canoe camping, and others for whom space is at premium. The bag that holds the tent and all of its component pieces is outfitted with adjustable straps that make it easy to fasten it to the back of your motorcycle.

Other Motorcycle Camping Shelter Options

If you are looking for greater protection from the elements than a tent can provide, you may want to consider the possibility of investing in a motorcycle tent trailer or other style of motorcycle camping trailer.

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Motorcycle Tents